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2018 Convention Keynotes and Workshops!

Voddie Baucham HEAV 2018 Homeschool ConventionVODDIE BAUCHAM

Voddie Baucham, convention favorite, is also a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker, and church planter. His area of emphasis is cultural apologetics, and is startling in his ability to help people understand the significance of thinking and living biblically in every area of life.

SATURDAY MORNING KEYNOTE: Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind 
I am surprised how many homeschool kids aren’t sure whether or not they will educate their own children at home. I’m more surprised that some are sure they won’t. Usually, further examination reveals a complete lack of theological and philosophical reflection on the topic. In this session, we will examine key motivations for home education and how to pass these on to our children. Do your children know why you homeschool? Do you? Do they have a ‘big picture’ perspective on the impact home education can have on our culture for the sake of the Kingdom? Do they understand what government education has done to the culture at large, and that it has been intentional? Are they thinking about ways their marriage and educational choices will impact the discipleship of their children? We must encourage our children to invest now so they can invest in their children in the future.

Bible Study Basics: How to Study and Teach the Bible at Home
What good is home education if the Bible is not central to all we do? Moreover, how can we teach the Bible if we don’t know how to interpret it properly? Unfortunately, many homeschool families are simply stuck when it comes to the Bible. Should we just buy a Bible curriculum and be done with it? What about our family devotional time? How do we equip our children to handle the Word for themselves?

In this session, we will examine the basics of biblical hermeneutics in a way that is accessible. We will also learn about some key tools that every Bible student needs to have, and a few that can be dangerous if used the wrong way.

The Role of the Father in Home Education and Discipleship (Men Only)
Many homeschool dads view their role in home education as little more than providing the money to buy curriculum each year. However, the results of such passivity can be devastating. Marriages are strained, homeschool boys are feminized, moms are frustrated and isolated, and feminism exploits the opening. As a result, the homeschool movement is in jeopardy of being feminized altogether. While you may not be able to do anything about the big picture, you can (and must) do something about your own home. This session will explore how dads can be more than just sideline spectators (or worse, bullies who demand results and threaten to pull the plug if their kids don’t get up-to-speed). Dad will learn how to cast vision, set goals, offer support, and get involved. 

Culture Wars: How They Affect the Homeschool Family and How We Respond
There is a mighty clash of worldviews going on all around us, and there is no way to escape. Educating our children at home will only postpone the inevitable. Our children will engage the culture. The only question is, will they do so as lambs going off to slaughter, or will they be sheep among wolves who are “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16 ESV)?

Sam Sorbo, speaker at the 2018 Virginia Homeschool ConventionSAM SORBO

Sam Sorbo, real radio host, actress, international model, activist, author, wife, mother, and home schooling advocate, is best known for writing and producing Let Their Be Light with her husband Kevin (God’s Not Dead), acting in Bonfire of the Vanities, Hercules, and Chicago Hope, and of course, the author of They’re YOUR Kids: An inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate.  Read more here.

How do you “train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6)? Hear stories from a veteran of home education, Sam Sorbo, and get inspired and empowered in your schooling endeavors! Sam Sorbo, author of the school-year devotional Teach from Love, shares her secrets for imparting godly characteristics into our young ones, and how discipline and encouragement work hand in hand to raise good Christians. Whose autograph do you want on your child’s heart? Sam will share her ideas for the best way to get that done!

Feel Empowered to Teach Your Kids
Sam Sorbo, author of They’re YOUR Kids and Teach from Love, takes you on a journey of survival—in your own home. How can you thrive as an educator when the system insists you’ll fail? Have fun learning about how to avoid the disastrous “home-made” pitfalls and traps, and to get the best out of the great gift of teaching and parenting your offspring, as Sam offers up her personal recipes to help you embark on the greatest love story ever written—that between parent and child.

Tips and Tricks to Make Home Education Fun!
And we don’t mean just for the kids—we mean fun for everyone! Join Sam Sorbo, author of They’re YOUR Kids and Teach from Love, as she explores creative ways to engage your children without boring yourself—and even address the pushback from reluctant kids who may not want Mom or Dad to be the teacher. Sam’s mission is to encourage you in enjoying this most precious time you will have with your children. Home education is about family. Learn some tips for how to not lose sight of that God-breathed message.

John Stonestreet HEAV 2018 Homeschool ConventionJohn Stonestreet

As president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and as co-host with Eric Metaxas of Breakpoint Radio, the Christian worldview radio program founded by the late Chuck Colson, John’s passion is to illuminate a biblical worldview for today’s culture. He directs conferences and curriculum projects, speaks to groups nationally and internationally, consults on worldview education for schools and churches, and appears frequently on web and radio broadcasts.

FRIDAY MORNING KEYNOTES: Four Cultural Shifts Parents Need to Understand and How to Navigate Them
To understand the loud and disturbing issues on the surface of our culture, we need to understand the significant ways our culture has shifted in recent decades. In this session, John will identify and describe four shifts that dramatically shape the world our students live in today.

Amusing Ourselves to Death: How to Handle a World of Entertainment
Hollywood, television, pop music, gaming, social media… we live in a world of glowing rectangles clamoring for our attention. When should I turn it off? Why should I turn it off? What are the lies media tells me in this culture? John offers clarity here right where our culture is loudest.

Preparing for “The Talk”: Preparing Students for this Sexually Broken World
Having the “talk” (about sexuality) with our children is difficult enough, but in this current culture of brokenness it’s even more daunting. We live in the wake of the sexual revolution, and parents need to understand the ways that has shaped the context in which our kids mature, develop relationships, marry, and have children. John will shine light on the cultural darkness in a way that will help you help your children embrace one of God’s greatest gifts.

Right Answers Are Not Enough: Connecting Belief with Behavior in Our Kids and Ourselves
Having all the right answers is not the same as having a Biblical worldview. The question is, how can help our students live what they claim to believe? How do we integrate head knowledge and heart knowledge? Looking to the past, John offers a vision for cultivating virtue in the face of a culture of distraction and temptation.


The 2018 Homeschool Convention

Register here for the 2018 Virginia Homeschool Convention.

HEAV’s 35th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention will be held June 7, 8, and 9, 2018, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. In addition to Justin McCranie, look for featured speakers Heidi St. John (The Busy Mom), Rachel Carmen (Apologia), Andrew Pudewa (IEW), Kathie Koch (Celebrate Kids), Frederic Gray (the Relationship Revolution), and many more. Be sure to check out keynote speakers Sam Sorbo (Let There Be Light, God’s Not Dead), Voddie Baucham, and John Stonestreet (Colson Center, Breakpoint Radio.) See more about the convention here.

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