Gratitude: Counting Your Blessings

Learning to be grateful and say “thank you” isn’t always the easiest lesson to teach–or learn. In a season that often seems to focus on over-indulgence, being thankful for the things we already have can be left by the wayside. This week, explore some ways to help your children–and yourself–slow down, take stock, and practice and express gratitude, right into the new year!

One of the most practical expressions of gratitude, especially in this gift-giving season, is the thank-you note. The Parent Cue offers some tips for helping your child write genuine thank you notes.

This beautiful thankful print and jar from Mama Miss is designed to be a year-round addition to your home’s decor. A gorgeous gratitude tree is a lovely way to display a reminder of everything your family has to be thankful for.

This seven-day devotional from Intoxicated On Life, “Three Kings: Seeking Christ After Christmas,” is particularly appropriate for this time of year and fits perfectly into the week between Christmas and New Years’ Day. (We are excited to see Luke and Trisha Gilkerson  of Intoxicated On Life at the 2018 HEAV Convention in June!)

Focus on the Family addresses a culture of entitlement in their “Gratitude” series, and offers tips for teaching gratitude to children–no matter how young–who sometimes do not realize how much they have to be grateful for.

But what if your look back at this past year isn’t all rosy? How do you help your children–and yourself–cultivate a heart of gratitude in difficult and unhappy situations?

This blog post from Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network addresses the importance of thankfulness in rough times.

An inspiring article from Christian Broadcasting Network encourages you to see difficult times as opportunities to remember God’s faithfulness.

The author of this blog post includes a list of Bible verses to read, write, and remember in times of hardship and fear.

This episode from the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show offers biblical advice on how to model and teach gratitude.

The story of Job is probably one of the most familiar Bible stories about praising God through difficulty, but it can also be a difficult one to explain to young children. This free children’s sermon presentation from uses marshmallows as a sweet visual of our blessings.