No one wants to follow a parked car! If your group is to move and grow then you, the leaders, need to be moving and growing.

Since your growth as a leader directly benefits your group, the group has a vested interest in seeing that you receive training. How do you make that happen? Below are some suggestions.

Groups Sending Leaders

Does your group see the importance of having good leadership? Then they know how valuable training and support is for you as their leader, and how that benefits them. Here are some ideas for getting your group members to support leadership training:

  • Plan for it in your dues
    • A group of 50 people can pay for one leader to go to LeaderLife for just $0.39 per month per member!
    • Adding a second leader in the same hotel room would come to $0.56 per month per member!
  • Ask members to donate a dollar amount toward the cost.
    • Just 10 members, each donating an average of $10, will provide the cost of registration.
    • 20 members donating an average of $10 will cover the cost of the registration and hotel.
    • Additional leaders in the same hotel room would only be another $99
  • Take a collection in your group .
  • Ask the group to send leaders as a Christmas gift.
  • Use surplus money at the end of the year toward leader training.

Group Members Supporting Leaders

There are ways group members can help other than monetarily. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer child care so your leaders can attend.
  • Volunteer to take a meal to the family at home while the leader is at training.
  • Convince them that taking time for themselves will benefit the group as well as themselves.
  • Reassure them of your support!

Investing in Your Own Growth

Growth is important to leadership and is worth investment. If your group cannot support you fully, investing in your own growth has value.

  • Budget for your attendance by setting aside a monthly amount.
  • Contact other homeschool leaders to share the cost by going together on hotel rooms, travel, gas, etc.
  • Take advantage of all opportunities to grow, including taking the time to read books and follow blogs on leadership.