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Homeschoolers Needed to Review National Survey

`1The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) wants to improve its survey measures prior to publication of the 2018 National Household Education Survey. They are asking parents of homeschooled students, as well as parents of online, virtual, and cyber school students, to take the survey and give their input on the clarity and soundness of the questions. Compensation is provided for qualified parents.

2018 National Household Education Survey

Sanametrix, Inc., is assisting with a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). To help improve the NCES survey measures, they are looking for parents of children who are homeschooled and also enrolled in online, virtual, or cyber schooling to participate. Participants will be asked to respond to a paper questionnaire about homeschooling, online/virtual/cyber schooling, and school choice, and they will also ask you about your experience answering the paper questionnaire.

Information collected during this study will be used for research purposes only, and the interview will last approximately 60 minutes. The interview will be conducted on a date that works for you and will be held either in person at a location convenient to you (e.g., library, coffee house), via videoconference (e.g., Skype), or over the phone.

If interested, please contact Tabitha at 202.971.3141 or twurster@sanametrix.com to complete a brief (approximately five minutes) telephone screening to determine if you are eligible. If you participate, you will receive $40 as a thank you. We are looking for participants available from now until the first week of October, when the study will end.

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