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Zoos and Aquariums

1.1 Article: “10 Things Your Teen Loves to Hear”
1.2 Zoos and Aquariums for the Family
1.3 Animals and Sea Creatures; Studies, Books, and Crafts
1.4 Zoology and Marine Biology Books, Games, and Crafts
1.5 Zoology and Aquarium Curriculum and Careers

June is National Zoo and Aquarium month. These resources can help you explore  zoos and aquariums in the United States with your homeschool students. NOTE: Evolution is often accepted as fact in books, on websites, and at venues geared toward biological sciences. Parents should review all resources to determine what is right for their family.

1.1 Article: “10 Things Your Teen Loves to Hear”

Having teens in your home can come with no shortage of drama, but it can also be quite joyous. Betsy de Cruz shares 10 things our teens need to hear from us.


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1.2 Zoos and Aquariums for the Family

Are you looking for a quick field trip idea? You can find a zoo or aquarium close to you with this database from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.


This zoology bingo game could be fun for the whole family. The download includes zoology bingo cards and facts cards. You simply download the file, print, cut out fact cards, and play. Even though this product is free, you will have to place the product in a shopping cart and fill out registration information to obtain the file.


There is a book for almost any member of your family on this list of books about zoos.


Whether you study the ocean while on vacation and plan a post-vacation trip to an aquarium, or go to the aquarium to prepare for an educational vacation experience at the beach, these resources could come in handy. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling at the Beach includes resources such as ocean science, sea life, beach, birds, crustaceans, dolphins, fish, hurricanes, jellyfish, manatees, mollusks, rays, sand dollars, sea turtles, sharks, shells, starfish, and tide pools.


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1.3 Animals and Sea Creatures; Studies, Books, and Crafts

Table Life Blog has created a preschool ocean unit study containing a list of ocean-themed books, a list of recommended television shows and movies, ocean art projects, ocean snacks, as well as a list of educational toys that can be purchased.


You can prepare your preschooler for a visit to the aquarium with this unit study. This blog post includes a list of fish books for kids with a short description of each book and 20 links to other resources including worksheets, science experiments, and art projects, among others.


This unit study on zoos could be used in conjunction with a trip to a local zoo. You will find a list of books to read, learning activities, crafts and snacks, free printables, and other resources.


Teach your toddler what he can expect to see at the zoo with this list of age-appropriate books. This list includes the title, author, and a short review of each book.


You can teach your preschooler about the animals he will encounter at the zoo with these 25 animal crafts.


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1.4 Zoology and Marine Biology Books, Games, and Crafts

Most children love animals and many of them may believe they would like to be a zoologist. But what is a zoologist and how do you become one? It’s not too early to teach your elementary or middle school student the educational requirements necessary to obtain a position at a zoo.


Your child can learn a great deal of information on sea creatures with this list of non-fiction books.


For your younger students, this free 25-page, printable PDF document has worksheets on beginning and ending sounds, graphing practice, handwriting practice, a word search, animal action cards, a zoo scavenger hunt, coloring pages, zoo-related activities, as well as recommended books.


Combine geography and zoology with these free printable zoology cards that teach your child about animals unique to each continent. You can also use the cards to play a memory game. Download the cards, print, and play.


Finish off your study on aquariums with these ocean animal crafts.


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1.5 Zoology and Aquarium Curriculum and Careers

Is your high school student interested in marine biology? This post from the Home Scholar has curriculum suggestions, as well as book recommendations..


This resource from Monterey Bay Aquarium offers a description of a few jobs at the aquarium. Click on each position represented and read firsthand interviews with the staff.


Perhaps your teen is interested in pursuing a career at a zoo. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute’s website answers questions such as, “What jobs are available at zoos?”  “What kind of schooling do I need?” “What kind of extracurricular experience do I need?” among others.


This Zoologist Job Description and Career Profile includes duties, career options, education and training, salary, and job outlook.


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