1.1 Article: “The Power of Pressing on Anyway”
1.2 The Family’s Guide to The National Day of Prayer
1.3 Teach Me to Pray
1.4 Prayer and Praying for the Nations
1.5 Prayer In and Around the World

Brother Lawrence said, “We should establish ourselves in a sense of God’s presence, by continually conversing with Him.” As homeschoolers, we get the privilege of praying for our children as they go through their school day. It is a gift to stop and pray with our children as we hear of current events in our nation and around the world. Thursday, May 4, 2017, is our country’s National Day of Prayer, a day when Christians in the United States are called to pray for our nation. The following are links to resources about prayer.

1.1 Article: “The Power of Pressing on Anyway”

Hal Young at the Raising Real Men blog recounts a story of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson painfully persevering through leading public prayer. General Jackson, realizing his duty to lead in this area and acknowledging his lack of ability, pressed forward and even requested he be called on to petition publicly to the Lord.


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1.2 The Family’s Guide to the National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer website has a search tool to locate local observances for the day, as well as information on the history of the event, the verse and theme for this year, Presidential proclamations, past Honorary Chairpersons, and a prayer from Anne Graham Lotz, the Chairwoman for 2017.


You can search for National Day of Prayer events near you at the link below.


The Bible is the first place we should turn for wisdom and comfort. This blog post is a great reference to point you to Bible verses about prayer.


It is our awesome privilege to pray to the Creator of the universe. The fact that He condescends to us should cause us to draw near to Him. This beautiful concept is something we should delight in teaching our children.


Praying God’s word back to God can be a powerful tool to align our hearts with God’s will. You can use these 31 verses to pray for your children.


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1.3 Teach Me to Pray

Heidi  Franz shares five tips on how to teach your children to pray.


Our youngest students can become prayer warriors. This blog post explains the five finger method of praying. It’s a method that can easily be taught to your preschoolers.


This Sunday school lesson plan might give you ideas for teaching your toddlers to talk to God. This is the first lesson in a series of three. The remaining lessons are linked at the bottom of the article.


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1.4 Prayer and Praying for the Nations

Burk Parsons teaches us that we must teach our children to pray.


And in this article, Mr. Parsons shares guiding principles on teaching children to pray.


Jaime Guthals from the FaithGateway blog shares 20 verses about prayer. You will find verses that assure us that God hears our prayers, that teach us how to pray and lay our requests before the Lord, that reveal Jesus’ example of prayer, as well as verses on confession, forgiveness, and praise.


Psalm 2:8 says, “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.” We can use this reference from Prayer Cast to teach our children how to pray for other nations. This website has a database of countries that includes prayer points, a summary of the country and its customs, quick facts, the current time and weather, news about the country, as well as an audio recording of music indicative of the country.


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1.5 Prayer In and Around the World

Your high school student could research and write a paper on the history of the National Day of Prayer starting with this information.


Prayer Cast has an index of world religions. It includes statistics, background, beliefs, what God is doing among particular religious adherents, and what the Bible says that pertains to that religion.


Praying for the overseer of our faith may not seem intuitive, but it not only blesses our pastors, it blesses us too. You can teach your high school student to develop a habit of praying for their pastor.


One of the most exciting outcomes of praying is seeing how God answers prayer. Your teen can keep a prayer journal with the instructions in this blog post and create a written history of God’s goodness and workings in their life.


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