The Homeschool Classroom – March 29, 2017

Proper nutrition and health studies are integral elements in a balanced homeschool curriculum. Your family’s health and well-being depend on the nutrition they get. As moms, we worry that they are not eating a balanced diet. In honor of national nutrition month, we have collected a variety of resources to help you teach your family the importance of the foods they consume.


1.1 Article: “The Husband Project Day #4 Post-It Notes – Man’s Greatest Invention: Leave a Word of Encouragement”

You can nourish your marriage with words of encouragement. Kathi Lipp offers 21 suggestions to encourage your husband, plus some ideas to make it a little more personal.

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1.2 Healthier Eating for the Entire Family

The Food and Drug Administration’s Nutrition Facts Label Programs and Materials web page includes lots of materials and resources about the nutrition facts label, as well as other information about nutrition.

You can download these posters and infographics to teach and remind your family about healthy choices.



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1.3 Nutrition Unit Study for Preschoolers

This unit study on nutrition includes a book list, as well as links to worksheets, activities, and resources.

The Preschool Plan It blog has nutrition resources to use with your preschooler for art, snack recipes, ideas to transform your play area, painting, large group games, ideas for your library, math and manipulatives, music and movement, science activities, writing activities, as well as miscellaneous activities and resources.

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1.4 The Digestive System and Nutrition

You can use this resource to teach your elementary student why proper nutrition is so important. This article has resources in language, math, science and culture, games and activities, and making healthy choices.

No one receives the proper balance of vitamins and minerals from their diet. This resource will aid you in teaching the importance of vitamin supplements and the benefit of each.

The printables in this blog post will reinforce your nutrition unit study.

Do you have students who forget to eat? This article explains how often you need to fuel your body.

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1.5 French Fries, Sodas, Metabolism and Nutrition, and Eating Right

You can use the resources at Fast Food Nutrition to reveal the pitfalls of frequenting fast food restaurants. The menus of 36 fast food restaurants are available online to allow easy evaluation of your fast food favorites. There are also lesson plans available for middle and high school classes.

We hear all the time that drinking soda is bad for us, but it’s more than the high sugar content that makes it an unhealthy choice.

What exactly is a metabolism? And how does it relate to nutrition? Part 1 and part 2 of Crash Course’s video series on metabolism and nutrition answers these questions.

Part 1

Part 2

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has created a nutrition reading list. You can have your high schooler use these resources to research and report on good nutrition.

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