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Time for Bed: Teaching Your Homeschooler the Importance of Sleep

1.1 Article: “What Teens Need Most”
1.2 Sleep, Why You Need It
1.3 Sleep Book and Craft
1.4 Sleep, What Is It?
1.5 The Chemistry of Sleep


1.1   Article: “What Teens Need Most”

Providing for the needs of your children probably came naturally to you as your infants grew into toddlers. Most of the time, their needs were apparent, but as they grew their needs might have been harder to discern. Connie Albers shares her thoughts on what our teens need the most.


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1.2 Sleep, Why You Need It

World Sleep Day is March 17 this year. You can use these resources to teach your family about the importance of sleep.

This infographic at Health and Natural World.com will help you explain the dangers of sleep deprivation.


The ideas in this article may help your insomniac have a more restful sleep.


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1.3 Sleep Book and Craft

Dr. Suess’s Sleep Book and this paper plate craft would be a great way to discuss the importance of sleep with your preschoolers.


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1.4 Sleep, What is It?

The Sleep for Kids website has materials that teach students the importance of giving their bodies rest through sleep. The information included is broken down into subsections: why we sleep, how sleep works, sleep and you, can’t sleep?, dreams, bring out the stars, as well as games and puzzles.


This page from Kids Discover may also be helpful in teaching your children about sleep.


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1.5 The Chemistry of Sleep

How is melatonin produced in a 24-hour sleep cycle? This article explains the chemicals our bodies releases to aid sleep and how those chemicals affect our ability to sleep well and wake feeling refreshed.


There is no debate about the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. This article lists the many ways sleep deprivation is damaging to your cognitive function, the regions of the brain affected by sleep deprivation, how light pollution affects your sleep pattern, the risks associated with sleep deprivation, as well as a section on how sleep deprivation may lead to dementia. Also listed are suggestions for improving sleep quality.


This list of 42 foods that encourage sleep may help you choose your bedtime snack.


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Have you taken the time to instruct your homeschooler in just how important sleep is to their success and health?  Here are some excellent resources to use as you explore this vital topic.

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