Mom’s Corner – September 21, 2016

1.1 Article: “6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read (And Like It)”
1.2 Inventive Ideas for Your Homeschool
1.3 Charts with Baking Tips


1.1 Article: “6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read (And Like It)”

Reading does not have to be drudgery for your emergent and early readers. You can incorporate these ideas to make reading more fun.


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1.2 Inventive Ideas for Your Homeschool

As daunting a task as homeschooling is, there are ways of doing things that can make the job easier. We could spend a good deal of time pondering a problem and then create a solution, or we could learn from a mom who has already been there. These ideas could save you time and frustration in your homeschool day.


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1.3 Charts with Baking Tips

The crisp cold air and the abundance of the harvest bring the opportunity to create culinary delights. You can use these handy kitchen charts to simplify your cooking and baking. They cover cake decorating, baking pan sizesbaking temperatures, how to create a perfect lattice pie crust, different kinds of sugar, kitchen machinery, and more. You may want to print them out and tape them to the inside of your cupboard doors for quick reference.


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