The Homeschool Classroom – September 7, 2016

2.1 Reading Games
2.2 Using Literature to Introduce STEM to Your Preschoolers

7 Sept 2016 Update 2.1

2.1 Reading Games

Are you searching for creative ways to reinforce reading skills with your emerging reader? These homemade reading games and activities are designed to make learning to read funYour child may have so much fun, he won’t realize he is learning.


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2.2 Using Literature to Introduce STEM to Your Preschoolers

Preschoolers love books. Why not capitalize on that and read books that introduce science, technology, engineering, and math to them. This list of books covers all four categories.


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2.3 Mathematics and Geography
2.4 Leaf Rubbing Science Journal

7 Sept 2016 Update 2.3

2.3 Mathematics and Geography

This creative game will encourage memorization of math facts and build a knowledge of U.S. geography. Just download the instructions and the outline map of the United States. A free registration is required to download these materials.

Game instructions.

Outline map of the United States

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2.4 Leaf Rubbing Science Journal

Fall is a great time to start a leaf rubbing science journal. Your children can make leaf rubbings, as well as bark rubbings, as they identify plants and trees in their neighborhood. You can help your child determine the type of tree from the leaf with this online tree identifier: www.arborday.org/trees/whattree. They also have an i-Phone app for download.


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2.5 Chemistry Resources
2.6 Reading List for High School

7 Sept 2016 Update 2.5

2.5 Chemistry Resources

Chemistry can be a difficult subject to master. These chemistry resources can aid your student as they study the elements and their properties.


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2.6 Reading List for High School

What books are recommended for a high schooler to read? This list of books is a great starting point for determining what to include on your student’s list. There are classics as well as contemporary books, and quite a few are free to download for the Kindle. Kindle apps are free for many devices. You can purchase the books through Amazon or borrow them from your local library. Check for your device here: www.amazon.com/gp/digital/fiona/kcp-landing-page/ref=sv_kstore_4.


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