HEAV convention attendees and their families have a rare opportunity to gain constitutional literacy, learn how today’s news issues square up with the Constitution, and identify the disparity between what the founders say and how our leaders govern today.

Constitutional Literacy Visits Virginia!

Join Michael Farris as ​he ​looks ​at ​what ​the ​Constitution ​says ​and ​how ​it ​relates ​to today’s issues. This ​three-hour ​crash course ​is ​divided into three workshop sessions, and is designed ​to ​teach ​the ​original ​meaning ​behind ​much ​of ​the ​Constitution ​and ​how ​it ​differs ​from today’s interpretations.

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What To Expect at the Workshops

Most of the important issues we face today are really constitutional in character:

  • Does Congress have the authority to impose Common Core standards on the states?
  • Does the national debt deprive the next generation of their right to vote on the taxes they will have to pay?
  • Does the Constitution really provide a right for same-sex marriage?
  • Will religious freedom survive the onslaught of political correctness?
  • Can the government legitimately spy on its own citizens?

When we study the Constitution, we quickly learn that there is a disparity between its original meaning and the current rulings of the United States Supreme Court. In these three fast-moving, hour-long sessions we will explore each of these key issues (and more) by discovering:

  • What the Constitution actually says and means
  • What the Supreme Court has done to our liberties
  • What we can do to fight back

State of the Nation

We will expand these themes by looking at the spiritual, educational, political, and legal climate of our nation. What will the attack on freedom mean for families, churches, homeschooling groups, and the Commonwealth of Virginia? Is there a way to beat political correctness and big government?

The workshops will take a frank look at the problems facing our country; you will leave with true hope based on the historic Christian faith and the principles of liberty embedded in the Constitution of the United States.

Find out more about Michael Farris’s “Constitutional Literacy.

Only at the HEAV Convention

All three sessions are FREE for convention attendees and are included in your registration (no additional sign-up necessary!) Register for the 2016 Virginia Homeschool Convention, and you and your family can attend Michael Farris’ “Constitutional Literacy,” plus shop in Exhibit Hall and the Used Curriculum Sale, hear from keynote speakers Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks) and Alex Kendrick (War RoomCourageous), and choose from 140+ other workshops–PLUS a whole lot more!

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HEAV Keynote Speaker

Founding president of HSLDA and Patrick Henry College, Michael Farris is one of the country’s foremost constitutional scholars who has served as lead counsel in the United States Supreme Court, eight federal circuit courts, and the appellate courts of thirteen states. He has also been a leader on Capitol Hill for over thirty years, widely known for his leadership on homeschooling, religious freedom, and the preservation of American sovereignty.