Q. I received a Notice of Intent response letter from my superintendent stating that my child must be tested in the spring and results sent by August 1. My child is a five-year-old kindergartener. Is this correct and what should I do?

A. According to §22.1-254.1(C), your child is exempt from testing because he was not six on September 30 at the beginning of this school year. I expect you have received a form letter that is automatically sent to homeschool parents who file a Notice of Intent.

I would not be concerned; there is nothing you need to do now. If the question comes up during testing time next spring or summer, inform your superintendent that your child was five-years-old on Sept. 30, 2015, and refer to the statute above. This should quickly resolve the situation. If not, contact HEAV at 804-278-9200.

Best regards,
Yvonne, HEAV