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GED and Financial Aid

Q. My graduate plans to enroll in a community college. He has been told he will need a GED in order to receive student financial aid. Is this correct?

A. In 2012 new federal student aid eligibility laws were enacted by congress; however, congress specifically exempted homeschoolers from these changes. Regrettably, some community colleges and four-year institutions failed to read and implement the new laws. Instead, they relied on confusing summaries of new federal financial aid laws.

The federal statute states, “In order for a student … to be eligible for any [federal financial] assistance … the student shall have completed a secondary school education in a home school setting that is treated as a home school or private school under State law.” (20 U.S.C. 1091(d), as amended by Public Law 112-74).

It is not necessary to obtain a GED for financial aid. If your teen has difficulty obtaining financial assistance because he has a homeschool diploma, please contact HEAV.


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  1. Barbara Brown

    So far, I have had (3) children attend a local community college and have received FAFSA without any difficulties. I suggest that this mother apply for FAFSA online and put in the code for the college that her child/children want to attend. FAFSA will process the approval for the money and send confirmation to both the parent and the college.

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