Q. My superintendent’s response letter says I must provide proof by August 1 next year that my twelfth-grade student has completed homeschooling. Does the law require that?

A.The homeschool statute does NOT require you supply proof to the superintendent that your student has completed home instruction. The purpose of the August 1 evaluation deadline is to show evidence of progress so a parent can continue homeschooling the following year. Because homeschooling will no longer continue for your student, you are not required to submit anything to the superintendent.

Some parents supply graduation information as a courtesy, although it is not required. This is an example of how additional requirements develop. If parents provide this information often enough, a superintendent’s office may begin to expect it, then it appears in official letters as a requirement, “Parents must provide….” Parents are not required to submit more information than the law requires even if officials say it is needed for a superintendent’s database or reporting form.