Q. I’m a certified teacher, and I’ve received a letter saying that I must send testing results by August 1. Is this correct?

A. It depends on how you filed last year. There are two ways Virginia certified teachers (tutors) can comply with the law.

If you sent a letter to the superintendent referencing the tutor statute, 22.1-254 (A), and included a copy of your teacher certification, you are NOT required to provide evidence of progress. You are also not required to file yearly, only when your teacher certification is renewed. There is no form to complete.

Parents who are certified teachers and file under 22.1-254.1(ii) of the homeschool statute by writing a letter or filing a Notice of Intent form are required to send in evidence of progress by August 1 each year. If you filed a Notice of Intent form, you filed under the homeschool statute and must abide by its requirements. 22.1-254.1(C) explains the evaluation requirements and options.

It’s easy for superintendents—and certified teachers—to be confused by the two statutes. Usually a phone call explaining the two statutes will clear up the matter. Please call me at 804-278-9200 if you need help. Here is a link to more information on our website: http://heav.org/va-law/certified-tutor-option-tutors/certified-tutor-option/

~ Yvonne Bunn


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  1. Michael says:

    Does HEAV have an example of the letter to send to the superintendent? All I have found is the NOI form. It would be very helpful if there was a sample letter we could download for use.