Q. Am I required to keep any records for my homeschooled children?

A. The homeschool law does not require you to keep your children’s work or maintain academic records. These are private documents and you are not required to submit these records to the superintendent. Of course, you can keep grades, plan books, projects, pictures, and work samples for your own personal records as long as you like.

The law DOES require you to keep a copy of your children’s immunization records, or a letter from your doctor referencing a reaction to immunizations, or a signed affidavit stating your religious exemption to immunizations.

I suggest you also keep the original score report from each yearly standardized achievement test. You may also want to keep a copy of your yearly Notice-of-Intent form and a signed verification that the superintendent’s office received your NOI form (return/receipt). Although this is not required by law, you may find it good to have these documents for reference if there is ever a question.