This post is part of a series titled, “Homeschool Q&A.” The series features questions we’ve received from parents on a variety of topicsand the answers!

Q. Do I have to come with a group to attend HEAV-sponsored field trips or museum events? Do I have to be an HEAV member?

A. Not at all–you are welcome to attend all of HEAV’s events as an individual family. Grandparents can come along, too!

HEAV arranges these hands-on educational opportunities for ALL homeschoolers. You do not have to be in a support group to attend.

Neither do you have to be an HEAV member to participate—although your membership helps support our work with museums and historical sites. (We work many hours to arrange dates and negotiate cost-saving educational discounts.) Your membership also helps us provide up-to-date information and knowledgeable representation at the General Assembly and with the Department of Education, provide year-round resources and support for homeschoolers, reach out to new homeschool families, and more.

Please consider taking the money you save on one or two field trips and joining HEAV!