This post is part of a series titled, “Homeschool Q&A.” The series features questions we’ve received from parents on a variety of topicsand the answers!

Q. In order to attend the many Homeschool Day events planned by HEAV, do you need to have an HEAV membership card to show you are a member and a homeschooler?

A. You are not required to present a membership card, and all are welcome to come to our Homeschool Day events–members and non-members alike!

Of course, we appreciate our members’ support–it makes these events possible–but HEAV provides museum trips and historical site visits as a service to all homeschoolers and potential homeschool families.

Come on out and join us! HEAV Homeschool Day events provide a great opportunity to have an educational outing–usually at reduced prices–and to meet other homeschooling families!