Q. I filed a Notice of Intent this year for my five-year-old daughter. She was five August 30. Do I have to have her tested next year?

A. Even though you filed a Notice of Intent, your daughter will not be 6 by September 30, so she is NOT required to be tested next year, i.e., you will NOT have to send test scores by August 1, 2011. Testing is only required for those who have filed a Notice of Intent and whose children are six (or older) on or before September 30.

You may get a reminder notice in the spring to send in your test scores or an evaluation. This is usually a form letter that is mass-mailed to all homeschoolers. You may ignore it or call your superintendent’s office and tell him your child is not required to be tested because she is five years old.



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  1. Meg says:

    What kind of test do you have to do? I am new to homeschooling and my son is in first grade, 6 on Sept. 12, 2010. So, when is testing, where do I get it, how do I do it?