It is hard to believe on the 25th anniversary of HEAV, HSLDA, and many other homeschool organizations that fought for homeschool freedoms back in the early ’80s, a ruling would come from a California Court of Appeals declaring homeschooling illegal unless a parent is a certified teacher.

On a radio broadcast earlier today, Dr. Dobson characterized this decision as “outrageous,” “egregious,” and one that “strikes at the heart and soul of parental rights.”

And while California seems a world a way, this is the kind of ruling that can have far-reaching affects.

Here’s How to Help Homeschool Families in California
1. Pray! It is no coincidence the legal battles won 25 years ago had a strong undergirding of prayer.

2. Sign the petition to depublish the opinion, which means the decision would only affect the family involved in the court case–not the other families homeschooling in California.

Here’s the Petition:

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