As this year’s General Assembly session wraps up, I’d like to thank all of the HEAV members for their encouragement, support, and involvement over the past two months.

We have made great progress this session! Thank you for contacting your representatives and standing up for homeschoolers’ rights in Virginia. Your voice proved to be very influential in the passage of important bills. This includes HB 1183, a bill that clarifies the types of evaluations that can be used by parents, and the Department of Education’s HB 767, which changes the options for parents who want to educate their children at home. Visits or simple phone calls to your representatives’ offices proved to be a powerful expression of opinion from the homeschoolers in our Commonwealth.

In some ways, this session has been challenging. Because of the uncertainty of Virginia’s budget, several bills that could have eased the financial stress on Virginia homeschoolers did not pass. This includes Delegate Marshall’s income tax credit bill (HB 420) and two bills that would have created a community college scholarship match program (HB 117 and HB 512). HB 375, a bill that would have allowed homeschoolers to participate in public school interscholastic activities, was also defeated.

Thank you for committing yourself to learning more about the legislative process by coming to Day at the Capitol. And thank you for all of your notes of support. You’ve been a great encouragement and help to us as we’ve worked to ensure that homeschooling continues to grow and have a bright future in Virginia!

God bless,

Ben Lansing