HB 1245 (Hugo) was heard yesterday afternoon in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Members Present: Miller, Y.B. (Chairman), Houck, Marsh, Newman, Watkins, Puckett, Wagner, Blevins, Deeds, McDougle, Ticer, Cuccinelli, Petersen, Smith, Miller, J.C.

The Transportation Committee came to order at 2:39 p.m.

HB 1245 addresses taking the DMV driving test numerous times. The proposed bill says that any person who fails the behind-the-wheel or knowledge examinations for a driver’s license three times won’t be permitted to take the examination a fourth time until he successfully completes the in-vehicle or knowledge component of driver instruction at a driver training school. An amendment in the nature of a substitute was offered. This amendment would seek to add driver’s education classes to the test limits proposed by the original bill. It would not, however, include high-school age students under the limits proposed by the bill. The substitute was offered and adopted.

Delegate Hugo explained, “This bill Is an attempt to rectify a problem that has been brought to my attention. Some of our constituents are abusing DMV by using it as a defacto driver school.”

Senator Peterson asked if this bill was intended for teen drivers or adult drivers. Delegate Hugo responded this was only for adult drivers age 19 and up.

DMV spoke briefly in support of the bill, noting that this was a bill that was good for all Virginians.

It appeared to have had a “yes” vote from all of the committee members present. HB1245 was reported.

The amendment in the nature of a substitute for HB 1245 is available at