HB 1245 (Hugo) was scheduled for the 2:00 p.m. Senate Transportation Committee last Thursday. The full Senate ran later than usual, and as a result, the Senate Transportation Committee met very late. After waiting almost six hours for the hearing, here’s the update for HB1245.

Membership (all members present): Miller, Y.B. (Chairman), Houck, Marsh, Newman, Watkins, Puckett, Wagner, Blevins, Deeds, McDougle, Ticer, Cuccinelli, Petersen, Smith, Miller, J.C.

The bill was brought before the committee at 6:49 p.m. The DMV requested the bill be held until this Thursday. According to Delegate Hugo’s office, an amendment to the bill will be brought forward in Thursday’s committee meeting that will suggest making the bill’s testing limit apply to both DMV testing and driver-training classes.