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In honor of National Audiology Month, the Homeschool Classroom’s resources focus on hearing, the anatomy of the ear, and sign language. Enjoy the hands-on activities for learning all about


1.1 Article: “Simple Ways to Love Your Family This Week”

In our busy lives, we may tend to focus on the tasks at hand. If we are not intentional, we can miss opportunities to bless our families. Karen Ehman offers simple ways to show your family you love them.

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1.2 Hearing and Sign Language

You can use the resources at the How Is Your Hearing website to educate your family about audiology and protecting your hearing.

Your family can learn the American Sign Language with the resources at the American Sign Language University.

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1.3 The Sense of Hearing

A baby’s ability to understand and communicate does not have to be limited by auditory language skills. You can teach your child sign language to communicate needs with this helpful guide.

This lesson plan will help you teach your preschoolers about the sense of hearing. It includes suggested activities, a book to read, and diagrams.

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1.4 Lesson Plans and Paper Models

Get started learning about hearing and sound waves with this post, part of a four-part series on the five senses, that has a host of fun, hands-on activities. Geared toward the third- or fourth-grade level, these activities can be used in a family or co-op setting with multiple ages. Activities include building and crawling through the model of an ear, watching sound waves at work, making paper cup phones, using a stethoscope, and more.

Looking for more in-depth studies? Kids Health in the Classroom has downloadable age-appropriate lesson plans about the sense of hearing. Each lesson plan has links to additional resources, activities, and worksheets.

Lesson plans for preschool to second grade:

Lesson plans for third to fifth grade:

Lesson plans for sixth to eighth grade:

Your students might enjoy building this paper model of the ear.

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1.5 Anatomy of the Ear and a Career

High school students can learn the detailed anatomy of the ear with this information from Instant Anatomy.

What is an audiologist? You can learn about the career of audiologist with these resources.

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