Our Board of Directors provides leadership, accountability, and direction for the Home Educators Association of Virginia. We are made up of home-educating parents, grandparents, and other dedicated individuals who volunteer their time, energy, talents, and resources to help promote and protect home education in Virginia.

Board of Directors
Anne Miller | President | Williamsburg
Pat Ryan | Vice President | Purcellville
Jennifer French | Treasurer | Williamsburg
Linda Linder | Secretary | Manassas
Cherrie Moore | Member | Virginia Beach
Stephanie Konicki | Member | Powhatan

Advisory Board
Lauren Bell | Virginia Beach
Maureen Bittner | Winchester
Yvonne Bunn | Murfreesboro
Kevin & Katrina Hoeft | Goochland
Craig Konicki | Powhatan
Al Linder | Manassas
Joseph & Tiffani Miller | Newport News

Executive Director
Anne Miller

Office Staff
Ann Miranda | Office Manager
Lora Howard | Administrative Assistant
Morgan Langowski | Office Assistant
Samantha Parker |  Office Intern
Melissa St. Mary | Database
Angela Palomo | Transcript Editor

Finance Staff
Helen Wright | Finance Manager
Mary Musick | Finance Assistant

Maureen Bittner | Director of Publications & Marketing

Homeschool Support & Government Affairs
Yvonne Bunn | Director of Homeschool Support & Government Affairs

Kevin Hoeft | Director of Development & Public Policy

Lauren Bell | Convention Director