We believe:

  • God gives parents the primary responsibility to educate their own children.
  • Parents have the right to educate their own children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions.
  • Parents have the right to freely choose schools, tutors, co-ops, or other means necessary to educate their own children in keeping with their convictions.
  • Parents as home educators can provide a high-quality education through individualized instruction.
  • Parental love and understanding, patience to teach until a child learns, and parental awareness of the needs of the whole child are more important than teacher-certification requirements.
  • Home education provides the family with excellent opportunities to strengthen spiritual values, grow in personal responsibility, and develop leadership qualities in their children.


Statement of Purpose

The purposes of HEAV, which shall operate within the context of a biblical worldview, shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Help and encourage parents to fulfill their God-given rights and responsibilities to educate their own children;
  • Provide information and advice to homeschooling parents regarding home education and family life;
  • Support and protect the rights of parents to teach their children at home through legislative initiatives and contact with representatives in the Virginia General Assembly and United States Congress;
  • Educate the general public, educators, and elected officials through personal contacts, the media, lectures, seminars, workshops, conventions, and newsletters concerning the benefits of home education and the Constitutional right of parents to educate their own children;
  • Provide information to home-educating parents, the general public, the media, and elected officials regarding the Virginia Code, pending legislation, and court cases as they relate to homeschooling;
  • Direct interested parents to local homeschool support groups for support and encouragement;
  • Assist homeschool support groups by providing information, resources, leadership workshops, and training seminars.