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A homeschool curriculum does not have to comply with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), and homeschoolers are not required to take SOL tests. In fact, they are prohibited from taking them because they lead to a public school diploma. Most homeschool students will receive a parent-generated diploma. If homeschoolers were required to take the SOL tests, these standards would drive each homeschool family’s curriculum. This means that homeschool parents would be compelled to teach the same subjects, with the same content, at the same time they are taught in public schools. Teaching would be focused on the objectives of the SOLs, instead of on individualized instruction, the foundation of successful homeschooling. Although reviewing the SOLs may be useful to homeschooling parents interested in knowing the curriculum content of government school subjects, homeschoolers are not required to use them. The SOLs can be found here: Virginia Standards of Learning

NOTE: If a student transfers to a public school, he may be required to take one or more SOL tests for placement or high school credit transfer. Transfer policies differ in each school district.