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Why Volunteer?

Do you long to make a difference in the lives of thousands of other homeschoolers? Do you or your children desire the opportunity to utilize skills and gain experience for the “real world”?

At HEAV, you and your children can accomplish all of these things and help the homeschool community in a big way! A lot of the work at HEAV is done by volunteers—busy families just like yours who see a need and get involved! HEAV volunteers are an integral part of making a difference for homeschoolers in our state.

Whether you’re interested in helping out right from your own home, at the office, as an intern, or at the convention, we need your help to effectively support homeschoolers and let others know about the wonderful world of homeschooling!


We’ve Made It Easy!

Whether you are interested in helping year round or just once a year for a few hours at convention, you can make a difference at HEAV! Simply fill out a checklist, and someone will contact you with more information. Take some time out of your busy schedule to volunteer with HEAV, and be blessed in the process!


Volunteer Benefits

Depending on the volunteer position you choose, you may be eligible for a variety of benefits.

  • President’s Volunteer Service Award (all volunteers with sufficient volunteer hours)
  • Early shopping at the Used Curriculum Sale (convention volunteers)
  • Skill development and office training (internship/volunteers)
  • Turn your volunteer hours into HEAV products or event registrations through the VIP Program (office volunteers)

Above all, your efforts will be helping to build families and encourage parents to raise the next generation on a solid foundation!

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Internship Program

Internship Program

Calling all young adults! Here is an exciting new opportunity to earn valuable training and gain additional skills and references for your resume–all while supporting homeschool families! Take a look at our different internship levels and descriptions, which range from receptionist to project manager.

The training that you receive could count as credit toward transcripts at the high school level or work credit/life experience at the college level. Upon successful completion of the internships, participants will receive a certificate of completion and a description of the work performed.

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HEAV VIP Program (Volunteer Incentive Program)

HEAV VIP Program

Our goal at HEAV is to always provide a “live” voice on the phone during normal office hours. With limited staffing and a lot of data-entry and clerical work, we need help to accomplish this goal.

As a way to say, ”Thank you” to those volunteers who help us answer the phone or provide basic office support, we have established a new incentive program! For each hour of office volunteer work, you can earn rewards redeemable for HEAV products or event registrations (including convention registration). Families can combine all of their reward points into one account to purchase more expensive products or event registrations.

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Convention Volunteer Program

Convention Volunteer

Amazingly, the convention relies on 400+ volunteers to run smoothly!

Volunteering has never been easier–simply fill out our Volunteer Checklist, and someone will contact you with more information. For more details, see our Volunteer FAQs.

Don’t forget, volunteers shop first at the Used Curriculum Sale!

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Children’s Volunteer Program

Children's Program Volunteer

Do you love children and have a heart to serve? Can you help provide a welcoming and exciting environment for little ones? If so, please consider volunteering at this year’s Children’s Program! We need full-time adult and mature-teen leaders to help all day Friday and Saturday, as well as some one-day assistants.

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Outreach Partner Program

Can you help us pass along information about the convention and HEAV events? We’ve found the best way to encourage involvement in HEAV activities and events is through “word of mouth,” and we are looking for help from people who are willing to pass along information about upcoming
seminars and events (such as next year’s convention!) to their community, churches, online groups, MOPS group, etc.

Our Outreach Partner program makes it almost effortless! We’ll send you ready-to-go announcements and information that you can forward along to your church or group, or post in your community.

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[ Convention Photos © Seth Fisher, Through My Lens Photography ]