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Online Homeschool Transcript Service

Need a secure, high-quality, third-party, high school transcript for college or a scholarship application? Don’t have the time to create your own professional-looking document? Let HEAV help!


Create Your Transcript Now

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


  1. Pay for the transcript.

  2. Download and save the Transcript Worksheet

  3. Complete, and then e-mail the worksheet to

That’s it! Angela, our transcript editor, will take it from there. She will contact you if she has questions or anything needs to be clarified, and you will review and approve the final transcript before it is printed.


Reordering a transcript? Click here.



HEAV Members

HEAV members receive a 10% discount on transcripts.

$31.50/first transcript

$4.50/additional copies (if ordered at the same time)

$9/additional copies (if ordered at a later date)



$35/first transcript

$5/additional copies (if ordered at the same time)

$10/additional copies (if ordered at a later date)

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When Should I Start?
What Does the Transcript Look Like?
What If I Have Questions?
Can I Get Reprints with My Final Grade 12 Information?


What does the transcript look like?

Each transcript is printed on an 8 ½” X 11″ sheet of high-quality, thermal-protected paper that has a patented pantograph security background that reveals hidden warning messages of “VOID” or “COPY” if copies or scans are attempted. The transcript is also embossed with the official HEAV seal. View a sample transcript. (765)


When should I start?

You can start at any point after your student begins doing high-school-level work. We’ve made it easy! Simply download and save the Transcript Worksheet (788) and fill in the information as you go. Whenever you need a printed transcript, just enter the information into the online system, and we’ll format the data into a professional transcript for you!


Can I get reprints with my final grade 12 information?

Absolutely! We understand that many students will need a transcript to submit to colleges in the fall or winter of their senior year, then need to add their final grade 12 information in the spring. Simply send us your changes to the grade 12 information and reorder a copy of your transcript. We’ll then send you your final transcript–it’s that easy! Cost for reorders: $10 each for non-HEAV-members and $9 for HEAV members.
What if I have more questions?

Check out our Transcript Q&A, which offers LOTS of answers!

Should you need additional information, please contact



Reordering a transcript? Click here.

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