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Available Positions

Office Manager

Communications & Marketing Coordinator



Office Manager

The office manager assists the executive director and other staff/coordinators in meeting the organization’s goals and objectives, and to carry out daily operations of the HEAV central office in Richmond. Hours are approximately 32-40 hours per week, possibly more, depending on the time of year and project needs. Benefits include six paid holidays, five days vacation, and five days sick leave.


Required skills, strengths, and abilities

  • Homeschool experience
  • Excellent management and leadership skills
  • Initiative and a strong sense of responsibility
  • Excellent organizational skills and multi-tasking abilities
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Strong Excel and Microsoft Office skills
  • Database management experience
  • Excellent customer-service skills
  • Professional demeanor
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to problem solve and prioritize
  • Spiritual maturity


Ongoing responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

General Office Procedures

  • Direct daily operations of central office—have working knowledge of all office processes and procedures and be able to fulfill all (with the exception of financial) office tasks
  • Maintain security procedures when filing HEAV organizational records
  • Submit a monthly board report
  • Develop systems and/or processes for the office with the goal of making the office more efficient, including organizing data, office supplies, files, resources, office processes and procedures, etc.
  • Assist the executive director in developing and maintaining a procedures manual
  • Store and maintain office supplies, equipment, manuals, mail-order materials, files, etc.
  • Order office supplies and out-of-house printing/copying as needed and approved by the executive director
  • Order maintenance work on VoIP telephone system, computers, printers, and copiers as needed, with approval from executive director; oversee maintenance and contracts on office equipment
  • Take and process product orders by phone as necessary
  • Oversee special, in-house office projects
  • Hire additional office workers with the approval of the executive director
  • Oversee work of part-time receptionist and office volunteers, and make sure they are apprised of latest news that will affect how they answer the telephone
  • Have work for volunteers ready when they report for hours
  • Ensure that office is cleaned regularly and prepared for on-site board meetings and events
  • Answer telephones during office hours; return calls as soon as practicable
  • Verify HEAV membership on HSLDA group roster at least quarterly
  • Prepare and pack resources for seminars and sales outside office, then inventory and restock returned resources.
  • Oversee registrations for Success Seminars: input registrants in database; keep spreadsheet of registrants, process credit card payments, set up and tear down office furniture for event


Maintain Member List

  • Generate invoices and send renewal reminder post cards and e-mails as necessary
  • Prepare and mail member letters and cards
  • Run queries from database in order to maintain member list integrity
  • Cancel memberships of non-renewed memberships as necessary


Mail & E-mail

  • Pick up and sort U.S. mail and immediately fax items that are time sensitive; send remaining mail to the appropriate person weekly
  • Read and respond to e-mail daily; forward e-mail to the proper people for responses, and copy the executive director on questionable issues or matters of importance
  • Coordinate HEAV’s bulk mailings with printer and bulk mailer; prepare member and nonmember lists for bulk mailing labels prior to magazine mail out
  • Mail latest magazine weekly or monthly, to those who have requested it


Data Management

  • Oversee and manage data and data entry; maintain accuracy of database; make sure address and e-mail changes obtained from post office, NCOA report, or individuals are updated in the database; remove from mailing list names with no forwarding addresses
  • Maintain mass e-mail client mailing list; adding and removing e-mail addresses as requested by interested individuals; add and remove HEAV members from member list
  • Pull a variety of queries as needed
  • Help set up new events and database modules
  • Train new staff on database use



  • Answer the phone in person during office hours (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) or use voice mail when all lines are busy and relay phone messages promptly to the appropriate person
  • Make sure the staff is cheerful and maintains a helpful attitude
  • Insure all information provided in response to inquiries is correct and in keeping with HEAV’s policies and goals
  • Relay phone messages to the executive director and/or board members immediately by phone
  • Be aware of legislative and homeschool issues in order to answer phone and e-mail inquiries


HEAV Store and Product Sales

  • Manage the HEAV store (inventory, sales, ordering, marketing, etc.)
  • Oversee office product sales and maintain product sales records
  • Take inventory of resource items and order products as necessary
  • Work with publications to promote sale items


Convention (seasonal)

  • Enter or confirm all registrants into database, correcting info as needed, before it is processed by the finance manager
  • Enter all graduation families into database before it is processed by the finance manager
  • Assemble vendor packets for mailing
  • Assemble graduation packets for mailing
  • Work as needed at registration and green room


  • Order book resources for convention as designated by the resource liaison
  • Order supplies for convention coordinators per their needs
  • Sort supplies to be packed and transported to convention


  • After convention, unpack and organize boxes and supplies for storage
  • Data entry
  • Add new families from onsite registration into database and mass e-mail client
  • Update family information for returning families
  • Add new memberships as needed


State Fair (seasonal)

  • Work with Virginia State Fair education exposition coordinator to make tickets available for Homeschool Day at the State Fair
  • Keep accurate records of names, addresses, # tickets purchased, whether a pick-up or mail out order
  • Pick up tickets, deliver payment, and return any unused tickets



  • Train and supervise work of transcript editor, helping her complete her job
  • Answer phone inquiries related to transcripts
  • Print and mail completed transcripts

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Communications & Marketing Coordinator

The communications coordinator will assist with HEAV’s community outreach and marketing efforts. Nearly all the work can be done from home, and hours will vary from 1-10 hours per week, possibly more depending on projects in progress. A stipend of $100 per month is provided.


Required skills, strengths, and abilities

  • Self-directed/self-teaching
  • Truly loves our mission and can articulate it in a way the public can hear
  • Ability to develop and manage a team
  • High degree of organizational skills, especially digital organization
  • Excellent phone and people skills
  • Familiarity with the Virginia homeschooling market.



  • Develop and manage a team of motivated volunteers to work in each area of outreach
  • Contact radio and TV stations to initiate and coordinate interviews
  • Write press releases and public-service announcements and ensure that they are submitted to appropriate media outlets
  • Initiate contact and facilitate an ongoing relationship with Outreach Partners.
  • Contact vendors and marketing personnel to promote the convention
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date contact lists for churches, online calendars, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations
  • Oversee and train publicity volunteers to contact media outlets
  • Update press packet to hand out at the convention

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