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Virginia Home Educator magazines, the Virginia Homeschool Update, and periodic member letters     

As a member, you will automatically be signed up to receive the quarterly Virginia Home Educator magazine and the Virginia Homeschool Update, a weekly newsletter filled with the latest announcements, resources, and events available to Virginia homeschoolers. These two publications are also available for free to non-members, so be sure to tell your friends!

$20 Discount on HSLDA Membership

As an HEAV member, you will receive a $20 discount on your HSLDA membership. Discover the many ways HSLDA equips 80,000+ homeschooling families and preverves your homeschooling freedoms. Please visit our HSLDA page for details and a link to join.


NEW! Free SAT/ACT Test Prep Through e-Knowledge

HEAV members get FREE $250 SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses through! The eKnowledge Donation Project—supported by 250 partners—is in its 11th year assisting Students and Families.  The Project waives the complete $350 course price for the SAT or ACT Prep Programs for HEAV members.  The student pays only the cost to deliver the program: DVD/Cloud student fee of $19.99 for the cost of materials, support, shipping, and streaming. All fees are reinvested in the program and no profit is generated.

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CollegePlus Discounts: Save $200 on Degree Accelerator; $100 on Jumpstart; 10% on Prep!

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Degree Accelerator – $300 (normally $500)

87% of people who go through Degree Accelerator discover a faster way to complete their degree.

Whether you’re a student in high school, college or a parent who never finished your degree, Degree Accelerator will show you the fastest way to complete your degree at the college of your choice. That’s right, we’ve mapped to over 300 colleges and universities around the country where we can show you the most efficient way to complete your degree. Your customized course progression blueprint will take into account your chosen college, prior credits earned, and unique learning style.

After going through Degree Accelerator, you will walk away with:

  • Guaranteed faster path to graduation
  • Step-by-step degree progression blueprint
  • Flexible approach to earning college credits

Jumpstart – $499 (normally $599)

Start college for $499 and get:

  • A degree plan using our Degree Accelerator
  • An online course
  • Success coaching

Prep – 10% Discount

Earn transferable college credit in high school. Your student can apply their high school studies to college by earning up to 18 college credits without changing curriculum.

  • Create a plan – With the help of an Academic Advisor, your student will create a customized education plan to help them transition seamlessly from high school to college.
  • Earn college credit – Using a variety of methods, like online classes and competency-based exams, your student will earn up to 18 transferable college credits.
  • Save time in college – Your student will cut out an entire semester’s worth of college while building the advanced study habits that will expedite their future college studies.

10% off CollegePlus Unbound: Your Accelerated Path to Graduation

Escape the confines of the classroom. Create a personalized educational experience to match your interests, budget, and lifestyle. Unbound is designed for the student wanting to go somewhere and do something. A flexible course of study is perfectly conducive to internships, study abroad, entrepreneurial startups, hands-on-learning and/or working a job. Build a customized degree plan that fits your budget; graduate in two to three years with no debt. and take control of college! Experience the difference.

15% Discount on Home Education 101 Series

Home Education 101 is a tool to encourage and equip new homeschoolers! This “basic course” equips local support groups or veteran families to offer committed new homeschoolers a small-group opportunity to meet with other parents “in the same boat.” In the nine sessions, they learn about topics of interest specifically to first- or second-year homeschoolers–guided by a veteran homeschool mentor with a heart to lead new homeschool parents on this Journey of a Lifetime! Can be used in small home groups, in support group meetings, or family to family.

HEAV member receive a 15% discount on the Home Education 101 series.

40% Discount on Creation Illustrated Magazine

Creation Illustrated is the beautiful, Christian answer to National Geographic.

HEAV members save $7.95 (40%) off the $19.95 subscription price of Creation Illustrated.

Teacher ID Cards

As a member, you will receive two member cards–these are your “Teacher ID” cards and serve as verification of your teacher status. Ask the businesses where you shop if they offer teacher discounts, then show them your “Teacher ID”! Many office supply stores, craft suppliers, warehouse stores, teacher-supply stores, retail bookstores, Christian bookstores, computer stores, and other retailers will honor your “Teacher ID” with reduced prices.

Here’s a note from a member who saved in the Apple store by asking about teacher discounts, then showing her card.

Many companies give teacher discounts and the HEAV membership card verifies your homeschool status. Yesterday, I was in the Apple store, and my daughter was asked if she was a college student. She replied, “No.” I then asked if teachers get a discount. The gal said yes if I had ID. I shuffled through my wallet and showed her my HEAV membership card [“Teacher ID”] and explained that I was a home educator. We got a 10% discount off of a very expensive replacement battery. Thanks HEAV!

Convention, Graduation, & Homeschool Success Seminar Discounts

As an HEAV member, you will receive registration discounts up to $15 on HEAV’s annual Homeschool Convention & Educational Fair, as well as a discount on HEAV’s graduation and a $5 discount on all Homeschool Success Seminars.

FREE Classified Ad in the Virginia Home Educator Magazine ($100 value)

As a member, you’re entitled to one free classified ad in the magazine each year.

Discounts on HEAV Publications & Resources

Diploma MP3s and Webinars


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