Want to raise money for your local homeschool support group or other community service group? Try a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or a canoe-a-thon!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Print out our ready-to-go sponsor sheets, distribute them to your group members, and have participants get people or businesses to sponsor them on a walk, bike, or canoe trip at any location you choose.
  • Submit your group’s sponsor sheets to HEAV–we’ll bill the sponsors for you! After we receive their checks, we’ll award prizes to participants, splitting the remaining money 50-50 with your group!

It’s a Win-Win!

You raise money for your local group, have a fun group outing in the great outdoors, AND raise money to support homeschooling in Virginia! HEAV uses the funds to encourage and support homeschoolers and to protect our homeschooling freedoms.

Many people wish they could give more money to HEAV. By participating in a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or canoe-a-thon, homeschoolers who might not have an extra $50 to donate can have fun, raise funds, and help us at the same time. Since we share the proceeds with your local group, this is a great way to help your local homeschool group as well!


Eight Simple Steps

  • Let us know when you want to have your walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or canoe-a-thon.
  • Download sponsor sheets for participants and our guidebook on how to host an event. (Or contact us, and we will send these materials to you.)
  • Encourage participants to take sponsor sheets and to start finding sponsors.
  • Get everyone together at a park or elsewhere and complete the course of your design.
  • Collect sponsor sheets on the day of the event and send them to HEAV.
  • HEAV will bill the sponsors by mail.
  • We will award prizes to the walkers (or bikers/canoers).
  • We will write your local support group a check for half of the remaining amount. The other half will be used to help support the work of HEAV.


Instructional Booklet

Need guidance for putting your event together? Download our guidebook, which outlines how to successfully conduct a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or canoe-a-thon in your area. Obviously, one set of rules cannot be applied to every situation, so feel free to tweak and adjust the plan to suit your needs! If you have any questions, please call 804-278-9200 or e-mail office@heav.org.


Make It an Annual Event!

These walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and canoe-a-thons can become annual homeschool events in cities and towns across Virginia!


More Information

  • You don’t have to be a member of a local support group to get sponsors or win prizes. Families or other community groups are welcome to participate!
  • We provide the stability of an established organization as a sponsor of the walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or canoe-a-thon.
  • Since we collect the money, course participants can ask for sponsorships from anyone, anywhere, without having to worry about collection.
  • If requested, representatives from HEAV may be able to join you on the day of the event and complete the course with your group.
  • You can make the event as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Invite everyone you know, or just get some sponsors on your own and walk with your family. You can have a very successful event with just one course participant as long as the participant gets plenty of sponsors.

As we share the proceeds from these events, we help one another–and we help homeschooling, both in your community and across Virginia. Have some fun and lend a helping hand today!

Download the coordinator’s guidebook and get started!


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Want to organize or participate in an event but have questions? Give us a call at 804-278-9200.