Phillip Tuttle, speaker at the Virginia Homeschool ConferencePhillip Tuttle

How to Save a Generation: Josiah and Today’s Millennials
A Four-Part Series

Many Americans, and especially Christians, are convinced that things have never been this bad before–from the divisive election rhetoric to the Millennial’s transition into leadership in our companies, government, and churches. These young adults are often labeled as irresponsible, lazy, unreliable, and uninterested in anything spiritual. But are these beliefs accurate? What does God’s Word say? And how do our present challenges compare to the realities of history?
Josiah came to power when things were much worse than today. At age eight, Josiah had a heart for God as a young boy. As a teenager, he pursued God with his whole heart. At 20, he launched national reform.  Like many of today’s Millennials who are his same age, Josiah was cause oriented and passionate about correcting the problems inherited from past generations. But Josiah, like today’s Millennials, was also missing one big truth. When he discovered it, an entire nation turned back to God.

Many are asking, “What does it take to save a generation?” Join us as we study this amazing young leader and discover the answer together. Together we’ll find hope in the midst of today’s challenges, and learn how today’s young leaders can change the world and what they need from the rest of us.

Josh Denhart

The Amazing Chemistry Show

Have you ever had a large ball of fire safely ignited from your hand? Or used a banana to pound a nail into a wooden plank? Or been slimed by a puking plastic pumpkin? In a keynote like no other, The Amazing Chemistry Show is a stage production filled with explosions, colored foam, liquid nitrogen and glow-in-the-dark solutions. Adults, teens, and children will be entertained by these experiments and more. The chemical reactions, loud noises and unexpected twists will capture their attention while they hear the gospel being presented in a unique and stirring way. Find out more about here.

Michael Smith

Remembering the Reason, Renewing the Vision
Discover the challenges, burdens, and benefits of homeschooling from a veteran homeschool father and leader. Addressing the potential homeschooler, the new homeschooler, the veteran homeschooler–and all homeschoolers in between–Michael Smith outlines the success of homeschooling in academics and socialization, describes legal and legislative advances, and concludes that homeschoolers have earned the right to be left alone. For homeschoolers who are losing the vision, he reminds them of the benefits of homeschooling and offers some practical suggestions for relieving the pressure on the homeschooling family, especially Mom. “Thank you for confirming the experience of my public education,” writes one parent, “and for convicting us even more of our commitment to bettering the lives of our children.”

Common Core: The Impact on You
In this workshop, Mike takes his audience through the history of the Common Core’s creation, including how the federal government and national education bureaucrats pressured states to adopt the Common Core and how the philosophy behind the Common Core is deeply flawed. He discusses related concerns such as the implementation of intrusive national databases and the fact that the Common Core is poised to become a de facto national curriculum. He closes with how homeschoolers and their allies can unite to push back against the Common Core.

Connie Albers

What If I Ruin My Child?
Have you wondered if homeschooling would ruin your child? If you answered yes, then take comfort—you are not alone! We all struggle at some point with this thought. After all, homeschooling is “on the job” training. When Connie started homeschooling 25 years ago, that is what she thought as well. During this presentation, parents will learn truths from a mom who knows you are not ruining your child.

Help for Mompreneurs
The rise of mompreneurs in the homeschooling community requires the active pursuit of a healthy balance between their homeschooling, work, and family needs. As a mother of five, active volunteer, business owner, and veteran homeschooler, Connie Albers discusses how to delegate effectively, set realistic goals, and find work that fits the homeschooling lifestyle. During this presentation, she will share with you how to manage your homeschool and evaluate your workload so that your family runs smoothly. Come and learn from a mom who has lost the balance battle many times, but her resilient spirit—and her desire to finish well and not short her family—will help you in your mompreneur journey.

Discover What’s Right with Your Middle School Child
Have you caught yourself thinking, “What happened to my child?” Your once thoughtful, gentle, compliant child has gone missing, and you are trying to learn about this new person. God designed this season of transitioning from children to young adults. They stop needing a mommy and start needing a mentor. As a parent, you are the best mentor they could have. In this presentation, Connie will focus on tools that will increase your understanding of how God made your child—and you. Join her to discover what is “right” with your middle schooler.

From Notebooking to Online Classes
Connie has navigated the seasons of homeschooling for 25 years. Her knowledge of teaching children according to their strengths and learning styles, as well as understanding your teaching style, make her a conference favorite. This presentation addresses how to assess what is best for your child and your family from the experience of a mom of five homeschool graduates. She shares stories from what her kids taught her about what worked and what didn’t. Hint: every child is different!

Starving the Fear
I can’t do this! How can I teach my child when I don’t know phonics or physics? Has this thought run through your mind? Connie knows all too well the anxiety surrounding homeschooling. After 21 years of teaching her five children, she is here to proclaim that you don’t need a degree; you need determination and discernment, and consistent devotions. Connie will share three truths every parent needs to know to starve the fears and finish well.

Adam Andrews

Raising a Worldview Detective: Three Steps to Thinking Critically About Books, Movies, and More
How do you teach your students to apply a “Christian worldview” to the books they read, the movies they watch, and the culture they live in? The answer to this important question may surprise you, for well-meaning Christians often misunderstand the basic principles of worldview analysis. This misunderstanding often prevents Christian students from thinking clearly about contemporary culture. In this enthusiastic and engaging discussion of a literary classic, Adam Andrews helps you avoid a serious (though common) teaching mistake and presents three steps for understanding a story-teller on his own terms. This presentation will empower you to uncover, identify, and evaluate an artist’s worldview for yourself—and to teach your students to do the same.

The Socratic Method for Dummies: Become a Great Teacher the Easy Way
What is the Socratic method and how can it make me a better teacher? Is it a separate curriculum? Is it difficult to learn? Is it a lot of work to apply? Can I use it with what I’m already doing? Adam lays out simple answers to all of these questions by explaining and demonstrating a Socratic discussion that will encourage and inspire parents to imitate the ancient philosopher himself. Parents of kids K-12 will learn a simple technique can be applied in any subject to dramatically increase the power of contact time. Best of all, there’s nothing to buy—all you need is a kid and a kitchen table!

Education in an Hour: Teaching Life’s Most Crucial Lesson in One Sitting
If you had only one hour in which to give your student a complete education, could you do it? If you accepted the challenge, what lesson would you teach? Adam Andrews argues that a complete and profound education can be acquired in one lesson—and then sets out to prove this audacious claim in an eye-opening, inspiring presentation. Adam first demonstrates the lesson using an example from his own subject, literature. He then shows you how to teach it in your own area of interest. Adam gives examples of the lesson from every subject in the curriculum and invites the audience to contribute their own ideas. The power of this lesson may revolutionize the way you teach on a daily basis—and it only takes an hour!

Building the Perfect Reading List: A “DIY” Scope and Sequence Workshop
Many parents are dissatisfied with the books assigned in box curriculum sets—and yet, they feel inadequate to strike out on their own and create effective reading programs for their children. Adam puts these fears to rest with an inspiring lesson in scope and sequence development. Presenting a step-by-step procedure that is accessible to even the busiest teachers, Adam makes a powerful case that it’s not how many books you do, it’s how well you do them! Come listen and be set free from the “tyranny of the booklist.”

Ian Andrews

Symbolism: Mastering Literature’s Most Powerful Device
No matter the author or genre, every work of literature is built in part on symbols. Identifying them, however, can be frustrating and difficult. Often it seems that an author’s symbols obscure his themes instead of making them clear. In a riveting presentation of one of the earliest English poems, Ian Andrews explains this powerful device and shows how it can help you unlock the meaning of even the most difficult classics. All you need is the right series of simple questions.

“But What Good Is an English Major?” – A Homeschool Graduate Reflects on the Benefits of a Literary Education
K-12 homeschooler and Hillsdale College graduate Ian Andrews shares experiences from a lifetime of reading, encouraging anxious moms with a thought-provoking question: Can great literature help my kids succeed in a scientific and technological world? Ian provides an inspiring summary of an all-time classic story and argues that the self-knowledge, humility, and wisdom that come from reading such stories are absolutely critical for success—and that you, as the mom in the trenches, can lead them right to it. Literary education worked for Ian, and it can work for your students, too.

Virginia Homeschool Convention Speaker Faith BerensFaith Berens

Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Practical Help and Guidance for Homeschooling High School Students with Special Needs
This workshop addresses some of the challenges associated with homeschooling struggling or atypical learners in the high school years. Do you have questions such as, “How do I award my child with special needs a diploma?” or “What do I do since my child with dyslexia can’t read typical high school level material?” Faith discusses alternative coursework, specialized curricula and learning materials, assistive technology, transcript options, possible graduation guidelines/high school programs for special learners, post-high school options, as well as offer tips for navigating the process of applying for testing accommodations for the college boards.

Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success
This workshop offers practical resources, lists of materials, and curricula in order to help equip you as you work with a struggling learner in your homeschool. Multi-sensory teaching methods, direct instruction, modeled teaching, and “scaffolding” instruction are shared, as well as ideas for designing a unique home instruction program tailored to your child’s specific challenges.

Developing and Drafting SEPs (Student Education Plans)
Does your child have a learning disability or perhaps severe special needs? Have you pulled your child out of public school where he used to have an IEP (individual education plan)? Participants will learn the purposes and benefits of writing an SEP (student education plan), the homeschool version of an IEP. This workshop also provides guidance in how to draft an SEP. Participants will look at sample student education plans and receive both a template of a student education plan and a resource list of books that will assist them in drafting their own homeschool student education plan.

Sam Black Virginia Homeschool Convention SpealerSam Black

Raising Courageous Kids to Confront a Sexualized Culture
Today’s kids are being exposed to pornography early—think 8 to 11 years old—and often our pop culture tells them it’s a healthy outlet for sexuality. Families will learn how to create a safe online space and encourage ongoing conversations that empower kids to not only look away from sexualized media, but also to confront our sex-obsessed culture. You can teach your kids to exercise and train their hearts and minds to be skillful, daring, and brave.

Jonathan Brush

Debt-Free Degree
Change is happening rapidly in higher education. Universities are doing their best to keep up with the demands of the student marketplace. Come learn how to be on the cutting edge and not left behind. Learn strategies and tools to ensure you receive a quality education, have a great college experience, and walk away with a degree but without a mountain of debt.

What You Really Need to Know: What Students Should Learn Before They Launch
Why is it that almost half of college graduates can’t find a job? What’s missing? What does a student really need to learn between the ages of 16 and 22 to be ready for “real life”? Everyone focuses on academics, but you need more than academic ability to be fully equipped for the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. In this session, Jonathan will guide you through the seven essential skills and abilities that are crucial for successfully launching into adulthood. This time of life is unique, offering amazing possibilities. Come learn how to maximize this time, focus on the essentials, and be prepared and equipped for extraordinary success!

Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family Through Family Bible Study
Faithfully having a time for daily family Bible study and worship can transform your family, supercharge your faith, and completely change your life. Planning and leading a daily family Bible study is simple, doesn’t require any specialized theological training, and will yield benefits beyond what you can imagine. Come hear Jonathan share about how his life, and the life of his family, have been transformed by one simple discipline. You will leave equipped to change your family dramatically!

How to Adult: The Importance of Finding, Building, and Keeping Great Relationships
People are everything. Your relationships with other people will determine your happiness, your success, and your well-being in life. Your relationships will be the measure of your service to others, your difference in the world, and your influence and legacy. Knowing how to find, build, and keep great relationships is the most important skill you can learn. This presentation is for students and parents alike and will teach you how to find and prioritize your most important relationships. You will learn the critical choice that you need to make to build great relationships and the two things you must invest to keep great relationships.

Ten Crucial Years
Between the ages of 10 and 20, your son or daughter will make the transition from child to adult. Along the way there are some significant and easily identified milestones and transitions. This is also a time where the right kind of training can pay multi-generational dividends. This session will give you a year-by-year plan for training and equipping your children for the rest of their live and will show you how to create your family’s own unique ceremonies and rites of passage to recognize and celebrate the growth and accomplishments in these ten crucial years.

Yvonne Bunn

Introduction to Homeschooling

Homeschooling is among the top 10 of more than 200 significant trends that will have an impact on future society, says The Trends Journal, world leader in trends analysis and forecasting. If you’ve wondered what homeschooling is, or who homeschools and why, this fact-filled workshop will give you answers. From the history of homeschooling to the statistical results of the most recent nationwide study, you will receive the information you need to decide if homeschooling is right for you and your family.

How to Begin: What You Really Need to Know

Overwhelmed by friendly advice and tons of information? This informative workshop will help you weed through all the things you’ve heard and help you focus on what you really need to know for a successful homeschool year: Am I qualified? How do I prepare? Where can I go for help? What things should I never do? What are some secrets of success? And more! Don’t miss this opportunity to get off to the right start.

Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified

Know your homeschooling rights–don’t let the “legalese” confuse you! In this workshop, find out who is required to attend school, what requirements you must meet in order to homeschool, what new test and evaluation options may be used, whom you should notify and when, what to do if you are homeschooling because of your sincere religious beliefs, and what types of records you need to keep. Know your options before you begin!

Dr. Lainna Callentine

Teaching High School Science
Science offers an opportunity for your child to explore, wonder, and learn about our awesome God and the order He has placed in our world. Unfortunately, science is also one of those fields of study that many homeschooling parents find extremely intimidating. Understand the new science educational standards and what relevance they have to all students, and why having a proficient knowledge of evolution needs to be incorporated into your students’ understanding when defending the Christian worldview. Dr. Callentine will help you unpack and address your concerns. Whether you student is currently in high school or preparing to enter high school, you will be armed and ready.

The Breathtaking Respiratory System
Inhale. Exhale. The life-sustaining process of breathing is vital to the maintenance of all organs in the body. Embark on a voyage with Dr. Callentine, your tour guide, through the lungs. In this interactive lab, you will view a lung dissection and see live demonstrations on lung functions.

Tom Clark

Top Ten Myths About Homeschooling Math
Most homeschooling parents feel uneasy when planning math courses for their children. “We learned our math a long time ago,” or “We learned it a different way,” or maybe, “We learned it not at all”! How can we know if the methods we are using will achieve the desired results in our students? In this workshop, Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive and author of Algebra: A Complete Course and Geometry: A Complete Course, will expose ten common myths about teaching math, and then counter those myths with solid, practical help for parents. You will also leave with a checklist of items that can be used to determine the best math course for your students.

UH, OH! The Fractions Are Moving In! (There Goes the Neighborhood!)
Since algebraic fractions are a much more complex form than arithmetic fractions, the memorization of the operational techniques generally taught in arithmetic simply will not hold in algebra. In this instructional workshop, Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive and author of Algebra: A Complete Course and Geometry: A Complete Course, humorously explains, in detail, the “reasons behind the rules.” Now students can develop a clear, conceptual approach to working with fractions, without a reliance on meaningless shortcuts and tricks, preparing them to be much more successful when working with algebraic fractions.

Can Mom or Dad Really “Teach” Story-Problems? (And Why Would You Want To?)
In this entertaining and instructional workshop with Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive and author of Algebra: A Complete Course and Geometry: A Complete Course, you will develop—and learn how to use—the five analysis questions that must be asked to solve all story problems, whether in simplearithmetic or in algebra. The correct answers to these questions are guaranteed to lead students to the relation (equation or inequality) they must solve in order to find the answer to the problem.

The Seven Laws of Teaching at Home
Are we, as parents, sufficiently equipped to teach our own children? Admittedly, we have had little, if any, “formal training” or “certification.” How can we be confident that our children are going to be well educated? This informative and entertaining session with Tom Clark is based on—and adapted from—the respected work of John Milton Gregory; it will focus on effective strategies of instruction that are understandably simple, educationally sound, and ethically founded. Veteran homeschoolers and newcomers alike will discover some new ideas, reinforce existing practices, and be encouraged to continue the homeschooling commitment.

Ruth Cooper

X and Y Got Nothin’ on Me: Algebra Like a Boss
X and Y: These two little letters have caused countless tears and hardships for many teachers and students throughout the centuries. There is simply no way algebra could be interesting, applicable, or fun—or is there? Sometimes, all you need is a slightly different perspective to cause those “lightbulb” moments. Algebra doesn’t have to be a hopeless jumble of letters; come and learn some different ways to think about X and Y.

Virginia Homeschool Speaker Kristen EckenwilerKristen Eckenwiler

Reading: Am I Doing This Right?
Do your sons and daughters seem to be faltering in their efforts to learn to read? Is it the curriculum? Is it you? Based on current research, Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to help parents better understand the most essential elements of the reading process, along with those critical ingredients that must be emphasized to produce a successful, capable reader. Attend this workshop and receive an additional 10% discount on any of The Struggling Reader products found in our booth in the vendor hall.

Could It Be a Learning Disability?
When a homeschooled child seems to flounder for no easily identified reason, parents often exhaust themselves in their search for answers. At some point parents may wonder if there might be a learning disability at the root of their child’s struggle. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to help parents sort out the difference between routine struggles and those that could well be the result of a learning disability.

The Gift of Multi-Sensory Teaching
For decades, learning specialists have understood the power of multi-sensory teaching. Often associated with learning disabilities, this dynamic teaching strategy has found a home in many non-disability settings as well. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to explain the research-based thinking behind multi-sensory teaching methods. Practical suggestions will be given for adding this powerful strategy to your own classroom.

Homeschooling Truths That I Keep Re-Learning
Whether you are a beginning homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, there are core truths that call you back to your greatest success. Join Kristen Eckenwiler as she shares her personal list of seven insights she wishes someone had told her about homeschooling. Her passion for homeschooling and her encouraging spirit are sure to help you move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

William Federer, Speaker at the Virginia Homeschool ConventionWilliam Federer

Who Is the King in America and Who Are His Counselors?
The 6,000 year quest for global power and how unique America is!

Miracles in American History
Amazing answered prayer in past crises, wars, and plagues – from Revolution to War of 1812, Civil War, World Wars to Apollo 13

Forever Moms

Coming Soon!




Virginia Homeschool Convention Speaker Jeannie FULBRIGHTJeannie Fulbright

Charlotte Mason: Excellence Without Sacrifice
Filled with a strong desire to do the best for their children, many homeschoolers adopt philosophies and techniques that are both burdensome and ineffective, often leaving parents feeling heavy-laden, weary, and discouraged. There is a better way. Jeannie Fulbright shares how using the key tenets of the Charlotte Mason method will enrich and edify your family’s life, enabling you to impart a quality education while relieving burden and burnout. This lively talk is bubbling with truth as Jeannie shares her knowledge, insights, research, support, and personal experiences with the primary concepts taught in Charlotte Mason’s The Original Homeschooling Series.

The 7 E’s for Choosing Curriculum
As an admitted curriculum junkie, Jeannie Fulbright bought everything that sounded good. From A Beka to Hillyer to e-books, she has tried every kind of curriculum and method available. Out of this experience, she has formulated the 7 E’s to help her carefully choose curriculum that works for her family. In this seminar, she shares her experiences, as well as the conclusions she reached through this process. Following the 7 E’s in choosing homeschool curriculum will enable you to enjoy a successful homeschooling year and avoid wasting money on things that won’t work for you. These 7 E’s will ensure that your children have curriculum that conforms to your mission and goals and breathes life and ease into your homeschooling journey.

Solving Your K-8 Science Struggles
Let’s face it—most people don’t like science. Why is that? It’s likely because of how science was taught to them as children. In this talk, based on years of research, data, and experience, Jeannie Fulbright shares her understanding of how science should be taught to elementary and middle school students. You will learn the keys to successfully building a solid foundation of science education, with tips, ideas, and examples for making science come to life for both parents and students.

How to Build Your House – For Women Only
“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands” (Proverbs 14:1 NLT). During this talk, Jeannie shares the story of how God changed her from a destructive, foolish woman and showed her the secrets to becoming a godly wife. Using house construction as an example, Jeannie sheds light on the importance of submission, respect, forgiveness, and many other concepts that will result in a home built on solid ground. This workshop will motivate women to protect and enrich their marriage.

Virginia Homeschool speaker Keith HammerKeith Hammer

Experience the greatest story ever told at “OTLive!,” an adventure through the Old Testament that engages students! Presented by Keith Hammer of Walk Thru the Bible, this is a one-of-a-kind, highly dynamic, memorable event that helps you understand God’s Word and make the connection between His story and your story. Geared for students ages 10 and up. *Extra charges apply.


Kim Hyland, Virginia Homeschool SpeakerKim Hyland

Walking by Faith
“Walking by faith” sounds really great, but how do you do it? Every woman’s faith walk is differen because none of us have the same story. But there are three distinctive qualities of a woman who walks by faith: a heart concerned with what concerns God, awareness of His unlimited resources, and keeping eternity in mind. As we let these truths guide us, they will keep us headed in the right direction and sustain us as we walk.

Enough: Because He Is, I Am
“Not enough.” It’s a sentiment that’s familiar to many. But if you’re a child of God, it’s not true. Every day we’re confronted with the reality of our limitations, but God’s Word is full of evidence and reasons why we have everything we need. Our identity as His daughters, His promises, and the body of Christ are all means of His grace, to equip, empower, and sustain us for all our days.

Casting a Gospel-Focused Vision for Homeschooling
If there was ever a time when our culture needed the preservation of salt and the vision of light, it’s now. Home education avails us of an unprecedented opportunity to disciple and equip our children to bring the message of the Gospel to their world. But while Jesus offers us easy yokes and light burdens, the day-to-day reality of homeschooling can distract us from this eternal perspective. As women of freedom, we have the opportunity to drop burdens and walk with perseverance as homeschool moms, thereby furthering God’s kingdom.

The Role of Desire in the Life of the Christian
Desire is a powerful force in our lives. As such, we tend to view it suspiciously. But paying close attention to our deep desires and heart cravings, whether positive or negative, has the potential to reveal our hearts and lead us into greater intimacy with our Father. Living rightly from a heart of desire takes prayer and purpose. As we investigate and reconnect to our desires, we can harness a strong motivation that will energize and bring sustaining joy to our everyday life.

Tracy Klicka Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerTracy Klicka

Order in the House! Peace vs. Chaos in the Home
In this workshop, Tracy will discuss the wisdom of doing “all things decently and in order,” and will highlight principles of ordering one’s day and organizing the home for the glory of God. Special encouragement for both “messies” and “born organizers.”

Keeping the H.E.A.R.T. in Homeschooling
As Tracy has experienced, it’s not always easy for a homeschooling mom to keep her focus, her joy, or the hearts of her children. More than academics, homeschooling is about growing in God’s grace. If you are feeling discouraged, come and be renewed in five crucial areas of your homeschooling adventure.

Tips on Child Training from a Mother of Seven
In this session, Tracy emphasizes the foundational importance of cultivating your child’s relationship with God. She will discuss a parent’s primary goal of reaching the heart of a child through godly communication and the proper role of discipline, and will share special encouragement for the toddler and teen years.

Diane Kummer homeschool speakerDiane Kummer

Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans
How do you plan a program for your high school homeschooler? What subjects do you teach and when? Do you follow a basic high school plan, a general college prep plan, or a rigorous college prep plan? How do you evaluate credits? Determine grades for a course? What about the need for a transcript and diploma? If you are just beginning to think about homeschooling during the high school years, this seminar will help you organize your thoughts and begin laying the groundwork for a viable four-year plan.

High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips
Creating a high school transcript is an easy, vital part of your child’s high school records. In this interactive, practical seminar you’ll create a transcript that can be used as a pattern when designing your own. We’ll guide you through transcript essentials, evaluation of credit, grading guidelines and scales, and calculation of grade point averages (GPAs). In addition, you’ll receive sample transcripts depicting other formats for you to consider.

You Can Homeschool High School…If You Can Make It Through Tomorrow!
As a parent homeschooling a teen, or thinking about homeschooling high school in the future, you may have your doubts about your ability—and your sanity! Are you weighed down by the seriousness of high school? Do you question your competence to teach your teen? Come and be encouraged as you discover a new, long-range perspective for teaching your teen that is filled with much hope, faith, help…and joy.

Charting Your Way Through High School for College, Workforce, or Military
Preparing your teens for their post-graduation goals requires advance planning. This seminar provides a timeline and checklist to ensure that important items are not overlooked! For parents of college-bound teens, discover tips for the application and financial aid process. For parents of teens headed directly into the workforce, explore job hunting and workplace skills. For parents of teens interested in a military career, learn about the military’s homeschool enlistment policy and tips for applying to the service academies.

Essential Skills for Successful Teens: Study and Time Management
The high school years are a prime opportunity to equip your teens with skills they will need for future success. If your teen is headed to college, the workforce, or the military, they will benefit from study and time management skills. This session provides parents with ideas to incorporate these skills into high school coursework and lists resources to help teens cultivate these essential skills.

Kathi Lipp, Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerKathi Lipp

The Cure for the “Perfect” Life
Perfectionism. People-Pleasing. Procrastination. “Performancism.” They are all bullies in our lives, trying to hold us back. In this session, Kathi walks us through great ways to fight the bullies and say “no” to the “perfect” life so we can start living the life we are called to.

I Need Some Help Here! Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan
It’s easy to feel worried and anxious as a parent. There are so many areas of your child’s life that can go wrong along the way. What’s a mom to do? In this workshop Kathi speaks about those moments of panic or despair with wit and wisdom.

The Get Yourself Organized Project
The Get Yourself Organized Project session is a great motivator for women looking to get a better handle of every room and facet of their lives without having to become Martha Stewart. This is organization for real women!

Woman Interrupted
Do you ever wonder if this is really the life that God intended for you to live? How do you react when your plans don’t go according to plan? Taking a fresh look at the story of Mary and Martha, speaker and author Kathi Lipp guides woman in looking at the expectations we have for ourselves, God, and others. Discover how we can grow closer to God when our lives appear to get off track. Learn how to deal with the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves and others. Find fresh ways to connect with other women and with God. We can experience peace, even when life feels like it is going to pieces!

Getting Out from Overwhelmed
Do you feel like you can’t get it all done? Does your “to-do” list, schedule, or those in your life make you feel overwhelmed? Wondering if it’s possible to move from “out of my mind” to “in control” when you’ve got too many projects on your plate or too much mess in your relationships? In this workshop Kathi Lipp shares the surprising reasons why you become stressed, why social media solutions don’t often work, and how you can finally create a plan that works for you.

Virginia Homeschool Convention Katherine LoopKatherine Loop

Revealing Arithmetic from a Biblical Worldview
How can counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, exponents, and other concepts in arithmetic be taught in such a way that children learn to see and use them as a God-given tool—and worship the Lord in math? In this workshop, Katherine will explore several arithmetic concepts, offering ideas and inspiration to help you transform your math class.

Revealing Geometry from a Biblical Worldview
What worldview is coming across in your student’s geometry class? In this workshop, Katherine looks past the proofs and constructions we typically see as geometry, offering ideas on how to teach it as a real-life, God-given tool that points us to the Creator. We’ll touch on various concepts, from basic shape identification up to proofs and theorems.

Revealing Algebra from a Biblical Worldview
Overwhelmed by variables and exponents? In this workshop, Katherine cuts through the confusion, revealing algebra for what it is: a method of recording the consistencies God created and sustained. Leave with a new outlook on algebra and ideas on how to teach it from a biblical perspective.

Lorraine Santa Lucia Virginia Homeschool SpeakerLorraine SantaLucia

Demystifying Finding Aid for Higher Education

Let’s face it: college is expensive. Finding scholarships is easily one of the hardest things for families as they prepare for higher education endeavors. Scholarship Sharing will be presenting on how to help students of all ages find college aid resources and navigate the process. Presenter Lorraine SantaLucia will teach students the methods of winning scholarships and financial aid that she personally used to graduate debt free with three college degrees! Learn about how to find, apply for, and—most importantly—how to win scholarships! This presentation will inundate you with information on tips for paying for a higher education, with specific information for homeschool students. Both parents and students are encouraged to attend.

Kathie Morrissey Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerKathie Morrissey

Training Character into Your Children
Character is the most important fruit that parents can nurture in their children, and it is the foundation for academic learning. Discover how character is learned, and how to establish a plan for teaching it to your children. Kathie will give several creative ways you can encourage your children to develop in this important area. After hearing this, you will be motivated and full of ideas to use with your own children.

Managing Multi-Level Teaching
There are no easy answers to teaching a number of children of different ages, and there is no doubt that doing so is a real challenge that requires patience and creativity. Though we may feel it’s pushing us to our limits, it provides opportunities for our kids to learn responsibility, independence, and self-control. Kathie Morrissey, mother of eight children, will share many practical tips and ideas to make your school time more productive and your job easier.

Teaching God’s Word Diligently: How to Get Your Kids Excited About the Bible
Kathie shares how to use God’s Word all throughout the day, and how she has taught her children not only to love God’s Word but to get excited about it. You will be encouraged as she shares the blessings that have resulted in her family as they practiced these ideas. Included will be suggestions on making Scripture memory fun and easy!

10 Homeschooling Questions to Ask Yourself Daily
One of the most important things we can do as homeschooling parents is to set goals and priorities for our homeschool. It is equally important to have a way to measure how we are doing with those goals–questions we can ask ourselves at the end of the homeschool day to see if we are keeping those priorities in place and accomplishing the goals that we set out with. Kathie will give you ten things to ask yourself to see if you are staying on track with your priorities.

Lawrence Reed Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerLawrence Reed

Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy
Come learn about the philosophic and economic pillars of a free society and government’s proper role.

The Origin, Nature, and History of Money
This workshop will enlighten you on how money evolved naturally in the marketplace but was eventually usurped by revenue-hungry governments; it includes fascinating stories of notable hyperinflations.

Eric Smith Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerEric Smith

What’s a Worldview? And Why Do Worldviews Matter?
Seeing all of life through a biblical lens is vital to our faithful walk with Jesus Christ. Yet, it’s much more common to see life in disconnected bits and pieces. This session begins by defining “worldview,” then shows how everyone has one. Eric will demonstrate how one’s worldview informs and guides every area of life. People will learn that biblical Christianity is a comprehensive worldview—and as current as today’s newspaper.

Pastor’s Workshop: Why Kids Walk Away from the Faith, and What We Can Do About It
We all hear the stats about young adults who have walked away from the Christian faith. This session will help you understand the main obstacles to a strong faith, and how to overcome those obstacles to help our kids (and ourselves!) develop a stronger allegiance to Jesus Christ.

What Teens Don’t Know About the Bible—But Should
Do we live according to what we say we believe about God? In my experience, the answer to that question for most teens is “no.” Admittedly, it’s hard to internalize the truths of Scripture when culture sometimes tells us the opposite. In this talk, Eric will address the three most detrimental misunderstandings of Scripture he sees in teens, so they come to a clear understanding that 1) God is most concerned with our faithfulness, not our happiness, 2) God is present and active—no Deism allowed, and 3) Jesus is my Savior!

Critical Thinking: Thinking Clearly in a Confused Culture
Christians are commanded to love God with all their minds. This session looks at how we can do that. It is an introduction to logic with a focus on how to recognize and overcome informal fallacies.

Is the Bible Trustworthy?
The Bible is the foundation of our faith, but how do we know it is true? This session looks at the reliability of the Bible through the disciplines of literary criticism and archeology. Students will come away with a good idea of what ‘inspiration’ means, as well as an increased awareness of the relevance of studying the Bible.

Mike Snavely Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerMike Snavely

The Hunters & the Hunted
Using puppets and other visual illustrations, this session shows how life only displays design, order, and beauty—not lucky accident and chance. We cover three aspects of the natural world the evolutionist cannot explain, including amazing design, incredible instinct, and the general relative sizes of creatures compared to each other. This is a fun session designed for all ages.

Grand Canyon
This is one of the most breathtaking and perplexing sites in the world. Standard geological explanations for its formation are wrong, and most creationists have overlooked some major pieces of the puzzle. Amazingly, what carved the canyon also explains most of the fascinating geological features in the entire area (e.g. Monument Valley, The Petrified Forest, Canyonlands & Arches, Canyon de Chelley, etc.). Furthermore, they all formed very quickly! What happened?!

While most people’s negative reaction to spiders is understandable, those willing to suspend their disgust long enough for a closer look will discover a hidden world of incredible design! Not only do spiders benefit us by consuming massive quantities of insect pests, they do so using ingenious tactics. Some hunt and pounce, others build traps and wait. Many are cleverly disguised or camouflaged. They can spin up to six different kinds of silk for various purposes, each a marvel of engineering!

The Pillars of Evolution
In this session we define “science,” and illustrate the scientific method of problem solving. In the light of true science, we will examine the three main concepts that the theory of evolution is based upon and show them to be faith-based rather than science-based. The purpose of this session is not only to show that science does not support evolutionary theory, but also to give Christians some “tools” with which to combat the theory.

Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations
With fascinating illustrations, this session contrasts the evolution model with the creation model from a historic standpoint through a look at what many ancient cultures were able to accomplish. These accomplishments baffle us even today! How did ancient man do these things? This session contrasts some of these civilizations to our own and has a personal application.

Barry Stebbing Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerBarry Stebbing

Learning to Draw
Great for all ages! (You can even bring along the serious five year old.) All that’s needed is a pencil and paper to enjoy this hour-long workshop on learning to draw. Mr. Stebbing has been teaching three-day art classes throughout North America to homeschoolers for many years, now estimating that he has personally instructed over 60,000 students. Using an overhead projector, students will follow along step-by-step, learning the basic building blocks, or fundamentals. An educational and inspiring beginning course in drawing for both younger and older students that will offer exercises in perspective, portraits, anatomy, “fundamentals,” and cartooning.

Dave Stotts

The Power of Adventure Learning, Part 1
Dave Stotts has spent 15 years traveling the world to share history, on-location, in its worldview context. While producing 54 episodes of Drive Thru History, Dave has developed an “adventure learning” approach to education, designed to equip homeschool families with entertaining supplements for their history curriculum. In this workshop, Dave uses video clips to share stories, insights, and helpful hints for engaging students in the “adventure of history.”

The Power of Adventure Learning, Part 2
Dave Stotts has spent 15 years traveling the world to share history, on-location, in its worldview context. While producing 54 episodes of Drive Thru History, Dave has developed an “adventure learning” approach to education, designed to equip homeschool families with entertaining supplements for their history curriculum. Come hear Dave share his passion for using the “adventure of history” to engage students, and learn how parents can use an “adventure learning” approach to ignite a love of history in their children.

Virginia Homeschool Convention Spekaer Pat WesolowskiPat Wesolowski

Homeschooling Co-op Style (Organizing and Conducting Successful Co-Ops!)
Why homeschool co-op style? There are a myriad of reasons to participate in co-ops while homeschooling, and this workshop will help you develop a vision, organize a co-op, and get excited about reaping the many benefits of homeschooling co-op style! Not only will your children look forward to co-op days, but so will the parents! Sharing the workload makes it less stressful on the parents. Creating a safe and friendly audience for your students to learn, practice, and hone their public speaking skills is a must if we are to raise children who are able to articulate their faith!

Plant a Seed, Grow an Entrepreneur!
Teaching children to be entrepreneurially minded will prepare them well for life! As a homeschooling parent, it is easy to incorporate entrepreneurship into your schedule. Whether it begins with something as simple as a lemonade stand, or jumps to something as complex as developing software for video games, you may find that teaching business skills to your students is not only fun but profitable! This workshop will provide information for getting students started—and then succeeding—in the business world.

Hugh Whelchel Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerHugh Whelchel

The Truth About Work and What I Wish I Had Learned Before College
Do you and your student wonder about his or her future job and what value it will have to God? Many Christians struggle to find meaning in their work. Many are taught that work is just a place to share your faith or earn a paycheck to donate to missions. IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel wondered the same thing, but knew there had to be more. His thorough biblical investigation reveals the eternal significance of work within the grand, biblical story of God’s mission throughout history.

The Biblical Meaning of Success
How should we properly motivate students as they prepare for a career? The conventional wisdom—“You can be anything you want to be”—although well intentioned, isn’t very truthful or biblically accurate. IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel sheds light on the parable of the talents and its powerful implication for your student’s future work.

Hal and Melanie Young Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakersHal and Melanie Young

Raising Real Men
In spite of what the culture is telling us, boys and girls are different. Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of a play date, or had a single math lesson take three hours? If so, you’re probably raising boys! As the world seems intent on gender-bending and forcing our sons into a feminized mold, Hal and Melanie, parents of six boys, explain the biblical way out—and a better way to turn wild little dirt-lovers into strong Christian men!

Homeschool from the Beginning
When do you get started and what do you do first? We’ve had precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. Learn to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them to succeed academically.

How to Be Happily Married While Homeschooling
Everyone says homeschooling is a lifestyle, not just an educational choice. If so, then why are we surprised when it affects our marriage? Find out how wives can have something left for their husbands at the end of the day, and husbands can understand the burdens their wives face. Let’s make sure homeschooling makes our marriages stronger.

Sanity’s in the Freezer
Learn how to have real meals again! Don’t worry if you have tried once-a-month cooking and didn’t like the mess. Melanie didn’t like it either! Find out how to feed your family well on less money and how to serve great dinners with minimal time in the kitchen. This is a real favorite of attendees!

Homeschooling Is Not Enough
Because none of it will matter if they don’t follow Christ. Many homeschoolers hope and pray that because they’ve homeschooled, their children will turn out alright, but unfortunately, we are seeing a number of homeschooled children turning away from God in rebellion. We can’t make our children serve Christ, but we can make sure we aren’t standing in the way! Find out about the power of delighting in your children and loving them as Christ loves us. Hear how to point them to the Savior and teach them to serve Him!