Rick Boyer Virginia Homeschool Convention Speaker Character Concepts Curriculum

Rick Boyer and his wife, Marilyn, are among the early trailblazers of the homeschooling movement. Building on their own experiences in training their 14 children at home, Rick and Marilyn have written several popular books on homeschooling, Christian parenting, and national reformation. The Boyers are also creators of Character Concepts curriculum. Rick’s books include Home Educating with Confidence, Take Back the Land, The Socialization Trap, and The Hands-on Dad. Learn more about his character-building materials for children at www.characterconcepts.com.


“Family Time” Ideas for Busy Dads
There’s nothing more rewarding to a faithful father than getting together with his wife and children for the evening “family time.” But it’s not always easy to make good use of the time when Dad is tired after a hard day’s work. In this workshop, Rick Boyer shares ideas he has used over the years with his 14 children. Now you can have the tools to make the evening get-together a blessing for the whole family—without a lot of preparation!

20 Things to Teach Your Children Before They Leave Home
Academics are important, but they are not the key to a successful life. When your children grow up and leave your home, you want to be sure that they have learned the life lessons that will serve them well for time and eternity. This workshop discusses the issues that matter most in life and how you can pass them on to your children in the brief time you have with them.