Character Concepts Curriculum

Rick Boyer and his wife, Marilyn, are among the early trailblazers of the homeschooling movement. Building on their own experiences in training their 14 children at home, Rick and Marilyn have written several popular books on homeschooling, Christian parenting, and national reformation. The Boyers are also creators of Character Concepts curriculum. Rick’s books include Home Educating with Confidence, Take Back the Land, The Socialization Trap, and The Hands-on Dad. He is known to thousands of children through his “Uncle Rick” audio recordings. Learn more about his character-building materials for children at


Amazing America – How to Make Your Kids Love History
You may have been bored by it in school, considering it just a bunch of names, dates, and events. But history is critically important, and when you and your kids learn the truth about America’s past, you will find that it is also fascinating! Today, as never before, Americans are ignorant of their own history. Because of this, we are losing the freedom that makes America so exceptional among the nations of the world. By returning to the way your great-grandparents learned history, you can give your children a passion for America.

Character Lessons from World War II
War always brings out the worst and the best in people. Heroes and villains are shown in bold colors amid the carnage, the courage, and the terrors of war. Your children probably have relatives who served in the greatest war the world has ever known. Here are some character lessons that will really strike home—from true stories of World War II.

Our First 30 Years of Homeschooling: Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Teaching 14 Kids
Rick Boyer and his wife have been homeschooling since 1980. Starting out young and green during a time when only a handful of families were homeschooling, Rick and Marilyn found few resources to help them in their journey. They had to blaze their own trail, surviving such obstacles as skeptical grandparents, hostile school authorities, unhelpful curriculum publishers, blizzards, Indian attacks…(just kidding). The Boyers are still homeschooling today, and they now share their experiences around the world through their books and their speaking ministry. Rick will share some of the most profound lessons learned along the way.