Character Concepts Curriculum

Marilyn Boyer and her husband, Rick, are true pioneers of homeschooling. Since 1980, Marilyn has taught all of her 14 children from kindergarten through high school. Her passion for putting Christian character at the top of her educational priorities resulted in the creation of the Character Concepts curriculum. Marilyn has authored several books including Parenting from the Heart, Hands-on Character Building, and For You They Signed, which inspires children and adults alike with the character of our country’s founders. Her combination of compassion, godly wisdom, and rich insight into the hearts of children has made her a cherished resource for homeschooling moms all across America. Discover more of her resources for teaching character to kids at


My Kids Hate School! Setting Them Free with Passion-Driven Learning
Scripture tells us to train up a child in the way he should go—not the way they should go. Every child is a unique creation of God with his own fascinating blend of talents, interests, and—yes—weaknesses. To help him fulfill his life calling, we must develop a specific plan for the training of each one. Come and learn how to work with the uniqueness of your child. Escape the bondage of expectations and set your child free to pursue his passions and be the whole person God created him to be.

Slaying the Giant of Selfishness
Jesus taught that the greatest among us would be those with a heart for service. Our children are growing up in a “me-centered” culture in which education, entertainment, advertising, and peer pressure all combine to promote a life of selfishness. Wise training in our home can teach our children to choose the better path. Come to this workshop as Marilyn Boyer, mom of 14 homeschooled children, shares with you how to design a lifestyle of service for your family that will inspire your children to live above self-centeredness and rise to greatness by putting others first!