Christian Perspective

Katherine Loop is a homeschool graduate from Northern Virginia. Understanding the biblical worldview in math made a tremendous difference in her life, and for over a decade now, she’s been researching, writing, and speaking on math, as well as other topics. Her writings include several books on teaching math from a biblical worldview, along with a brand-new math curriculum published by Master Books. Her heart is to point people to “seek the Lord, and His strength” (Psalm 105:4) in everything.


Revealing Arithmetic from a Biblical Worldview
How can counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, exponents, and other concepts in arithmetic be taught in such a way that children learn to see and use them as a God-given tool—and worship the Lord in math? In this workshop, Katherine will explore several arithmetic concepts, offering ideas and inspiration to help you transform your math class.

Revealing Geometry from a Biblical Worldview
What worldview is coming across in your student’s geometry class? In this workshop, Katherine looks past the proofs and constructions we typically see as geometry, offering ideas on how to teach it as a real-life, God-given tool that points us to the Creator. We’ll touch on various concepts, from basic shape identification up to proofs and theorems.

Revealing Algebra from a Biblical Worldview
Overwhelmed by variables and exponents? In this workshop, Katherine cuts through the confusion, revealing algebra for what it is: a method of recording the consistencies God created and sustained. Leave with a new outlook on algebra and ideas on how to teach it from a biblical perspective.