His Place for Help in School

Judi Munday earned her first M.Ed. degree in special education at the University of Illinois in 1968, and an M.A. degree in learning disabilities in 1985 at Regent University. After several years teaching children with learning disabilities in Christian and public schools, she started her own business, HIS Place for Help in School, in 1999, with the heart to help special-needs students and their parents. Judi has presented numerous workshops at homeschool support groups and statewide conferences across the country. She also compiled and wrote the special-needs section for the Virginia Homeschool Manual, published in 2010, and authored Teaching Your Special Needs Child: Teaching Strategies and Tools that Really Work and Writing a Student Education Plan. Judi offers diagnostic testing and consults with parents in person or by telephone and maintains a website where she provides practical, research-based teaching. Look for Judi’s new book, Teaching the Student with Special Needs at Home and at School, which contains updated information and a wealth of teaching strategies that really work.


Adapting Instruction – Modifications & Accommodations
All learners will encounter difficulty at some time. When they do, typical students merely need the teacher to make small adjustments to a presentation or assessment. While such simple adjustments are sufficient for most, they are seldom adequate for the student with special needs. Accommodations or modifications are more intensive adjustments in either instruction or assessment. In this workshop, parents will learn the difference between modifications and accommodations, as well as when and how to use them in instruction. Judi will teach parents how to incorporate easy-to-use accommodations for homeschool students that will support and enhance student performance in the learning environment.

What’s Making It So Hard for My Child to Make Progress?
In this workshop, Judi draws from the best of her 30 years of teaching special needs students to present easy-to-use strategies that really work. Parents will learn the most significant warning signs that indicate a need for testing and special help. Parents will learn to discern whether the child’s struggles are because of a learning disability, his learning style, individual motivation, or from problems caused by the textbook. Judi will describe why certain teaching techniques are more effective for a child’s needs. Parents will leave this workshop feeling more equipped and educated about what works for their special needs student.