Lumerit Scholar

Jonathan Brush is a first generation homeschool graduate and homeschool dad of six. Jonathan is the executive director of student life and coaching services for Lumerit Education; previously, he worked in higher education admissions, including nine years as a director of admissions for a private liberal arts college. Jonathan speaks to families and groups across the country about how to seek out and train for adventures and prepare correctly for the amazing opportunities available in the time and place that we live. Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


Debt-Free Degree
Change is happening rapidly in higher education. Universities are doing their best to keep up with the demands of the student marketplace. Come learn how to be on the cutting edge and not left behind. Learn strategies and tools to ensure you receive a quality education, have a great college experience, and walk away with a degree but without a mountain of debt.

What You Really Need to Know: What Students Should Learn Before They Launch
Why is it that almost half of college graduates can’t find a job? What’s missing? What does a student really need to learn between the ages of 16 and 22 to be ready for “real life”? Everyone focuses on academics, but you need more than academic ability to be fully equipped for the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. In this session, Jonathan will guide you through the seven essential skills and abilities that are crucial for successfully launching into adulthood. This time of life is unique, offering amazing possibilities. Come learn how to maximize this time, focus on the essentials, and be prepared and equipped for extraordinary success!

Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family Through Family Bible Study
Faithfully having a time for daily family Bible study and worship can transform your family, supercharge your faith, and completely change your life. Planning and leading a daily family Bible study is simple, doesn’t require any specialized theological training, and will yield benefits beyond what you can imagine. Come hear Jonathan share about how his life, and the life of his family, have been transformed by one simple discipline. You will leave equipped to change your family dramatically!

How to Adult: The Importance of Finding, Building, and Keeping Great Relationships
People are everything. Your relationships with other people will determine your happiness, your success, and your well-being in life. Your relationships will be the measure of your service to others, your difference in the world, and your influence and legacy. Knowing how to find, build, and keep great relationships is the most important skill you can learn. This presentation is for students and parents alike and will teach you how to find and prioritize your most important relationships. You will learn the critical choice that you need to make to build great relationships and the two things you must invest to keep great relationships.

Ten Crucial Years
Between the ages of 10 and 20, your son or daughter will make the transition from child to adult. Along the way there are some significant and easily identified milestones and transitions. This is also a time where the right kind of training can pay multi-generational dividends. This session will give you a year-by-year plan for training and equipping your children for the rest of their live and will show you how to create your family’s own unique ceremonies and rites of passage to recognize and celebrate the growth and accomplishments in these ten crucial years.

Jonathan Brush Homeschool Speaker