Polyface Farms

Joel Salatin is a full-time farmer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. A third generation alternative farmer, he returned to the farm full time in 1982 and continued refining and adding to his parents’ ideas. Using relationship marketing through on-farm sales and metropolitan buying clubs, Polyface Farm services more than 1,500 families, 10 retail outlets, and 30 restaurants with salad-bar beef, pastured poultry, eggmobile eggs, pigaerator pork, forage-based rabbits, pastured turkey, and forestry products. A sought-after conference speaker, Joel gives humorous and conviction-based speeches that are akin to theatrical performances, often receiving standing ovations. Salatin holds a B. A. degree in English and writes extensively for magazines such as Stockman Grass Farmer, Acres USA, and American Agriculturalist.


Family Fiefdoms
The delicate balance between parental oversight and child autonomy can be maintained with a structured memorandum of understanding. Unleashing entrepreneurial enthusiasm within a hedge of protection encourages autonomy, responsibility, and business savvy. Polyface Farms has been developing the fiefdom concept, both within the Salatin family and with interns and apprentices. This workshop will offer practical solutions to navigate the delicate family waters of delegation, authority, and accountability.

Ten Threads of Success for Starting a Farm
The allure of farm self-reliance pulls at the heart of many homeschoolers, but the capitalization and informational hurdles are daunting. Using his successful Polyface Farm template, Salatin offers the latest practical protocols for a successful farm launch. Pulling commonalities from many new farms he’s visited around the world, this workshop condenses the principles into an inspiring, can-do system.