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Joel Salatin

Portrait of Joel Salatin.

Polyface Farms

Joel Salatin is a full-time farmer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. A third-generation alternative farmer, he returned to the farm full time in 1982 and continued refining and adding to his parents’ ideas. Using relationship marketing through on-farm sales and metropolitan buying clubs, Polyface Farm services more than 1500 families, 10 retail outlets, and 30 restaurants with salad-bar beef, pastured poultry, egg-mobile eggs, pigaerator pork, forage-based rabbits, pastured turkey, and forestry products. A sought-after conference speaker, his humorous and conviction-based speeches are akin to theatrical performances, often receiving standing ovations. Salatin holds a B.A. degree in English and writes extensively for magazines such as Stockman Grass Farmer, Acres USA, and American Agriculturalist.


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