Center for Literary Education

Ian Andrews is a teacher and the marketing coordinator at the Center for Literary Education. He has been reading and talking about good books his entire life. Homeschooled through twelfth grade, he attended his parents’ alma mater, Hillsdale College, where he graduated with a degree in English Literature. He and his wife, Emily, live in a tiny Colorado mountain town and work full time for Adam and Missy Andrews at CenterForLit, teaching, writing, and developing the newest wave of teacher aids in literature.


Symbolism: Mastering Literature’s Most Powerful Device
No matter the author or genre, every work of literature is built in part on symbols. Identifying them, however, can be frustrating and difficult. Often it seems that an author’s symbols obscure his themes instead of making them clear. In a riveting presentation of one of the earliest English poems, Ian Andrews explains this powerful device and shows how it can help you unlock the meaning of even the most difficult classics. All you need is the right series of simple questions.

“But What Good Is an English Major?” – A Homeschool Graduate Reflects on the Benefits of a Literary Education
K-12 homeschooler and Hillsdale College graduate Ian Andrews shares experiences from a lifetime of reading, encouraging anxious moms with a thought-provoking question: Can great literature help my kids succeed in a scientific and technological world? Ian provides an inspiring summary of an all-time classic story and argues that the self-knowledge, humility, and wisdom that come from reading such stories are absolutely critical for success—and that you, as the mom in the trenches, can lead them right to it. Literary education worked for Ian, and it can work for your students, too.

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