Institute for Faith, Works & Economics

Hugh Whelchel presents a unique combination of executive responsibility, creative educational administration, and technical innovation from over thirty years of diverse business experience. Almost a decade ago, Hugh stepped out of a successful business career in the IT industry to share his experience of turning around unprofitable companies with Reformed Theological Seminary’s struggling Washington, DC, campus, where he served as executive director and guest professor.


The Truth About Work and What I Wish I Had Learned Before College
Do you and your student wonder about his or her future job and what value it will have to God? Many Christians struggle to find meaning in their work. Many are taught that work is just a place to share your faith or earn a paycheck to donate to missions. IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel wondered the same thing, but knew there had to be more. His thorough biblical investigation reveals the eternal significance of work within the grand, biblical story of God’s mission throughout history.

The Biblical Meaning of Success
How should we properly motivate students as they prepare for a career? The conventional wisdom—“You can be anything you want to be”—although well intentioned, isn’t very truthful or biblically accurate. IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel sheds light on the parable of the talents and its powerful implication for your student’s future work.