Eric Smith Virginia Homeschool Convention SpeakerFront Range Alliance

Eric Smith holds a master of divinity from Denver Seminary and is an adjunct professor of Bible at Bryan College. On a personal note, Eric loves to run the mountain trails around Manitou Springs and has competed in the Pikes Peak Ascent four times. He and his wife, Sara, along with their six children, live and homeschool in Manitou Springs, Colorado.


What’s a Worldview? And Why Do Worldviews Matter?
Seeing all of life through a biblical lens is vital to our faithful walk with Jesus Christ. Yet, it’s much more common to see life in disconnected bits and pieces. This session begins by defining “worldview,” then shows how everyone has one. Eric will demonstrate how one’s worldview informs and guides every area of life. People will learn that biblical Christianity is a comprehensive worldview—and as current as today’s newspaper.

Pastor’s Workshop: Why Kids Walk Away from the Faith, and What We Can Do About It
We all hear the stats about young adults who have walked away from the Christian faith. This session will help you understand the main obstacles to a strong faith, and how to overcome those obstacles to help our kids (and ourselves!) develop a stronger allegiance to Jesus Christ.

What Teens Don’t Know About the Bible—But Should
Do we live according to what we say we believe about God? In my experience, the answer to that question for most teens is “no.” Admittedly, it’s hard to internalize the truths of Scripture when culture sometimes tells us the opposite. In this talk, Eric will address the three most detrimental misunderstandings of Scripture he sees in teens, so they come to a clear understanding that 1) God is most concerned with our faithfulness, not our happiness, 2) God is present and active—no Deism allowed, and 3) Jesus is my Savior!

Critical Thinking: Thinking Clearly in a Confused Culture
Christians are commanded to love God with all their minds. This session looks at how we can do that. It is an introduction to logic with a focus on how to recognize and overcome informal fallacies.

Is The Bible Trustworthy?
The Bible is the foundation of our faith, but how do we know it is true? This session looks at the reliability of the Bible through the disciplines of literary criticism and archeology. Students will come away with a good idea of what ‘inspiration’ means, as well as an increased awareness of the relevance of studying the Bible.