Dr. Lainna Callentine is a physician, homeschool mom, instructor, author, speaker, coach, and the creator/founder of Sciexperience. She received her B.A. from Northwestern University, having earned a full athletic scholarship in basketball. As a former classroom teacher with a master’s degree in education, she completed her M.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, where she trained to become a pediatrician. Dr. Callentine continues to have wonderment for the beauty of God’s creation in the human body, and she still practices her hobby of medicine as a missionary doctor, volunteering at a Christian clinic in the Chicago suburbs that cares for the uninsured. She is passionate about the biological sciences, children, education, families, and the God who created all things. With great excitement, in collaboration with Master Books, she is pleased to announce a new hands-on series on the human body called God’s Wondrous Machine.


Critters Study
Calling all budding entomologists! This hands-on class will really get under your skin. Come examine the exciting world of insects. Students will go on an insect safari, where they will learn to collect specimens and preserve them, identify bugs, and dissect an earthworm. They will also learn about vermicomposting, hold a real Madagascar Hissing cockroach, and so much more. Explore the teeming world and watch it come alive!

The Battle That Wages Within: Our Immune System & Its Endless Combat on Microbiological Enemies
Learn about the body’s three levels of defense. God has designed in us barriers of defense that are poised to spring into action at any hour of the day. When one level is breached, our bodies possess the military intelligence and armed soldiers to make other tactical maneuvers. Learn about these inflammatory mediators that act together to destroy microbiological invaders. Have you ever wondered if a wet toothbrush will pick up bacteria from a nearby toilet if the brush is left in the bathroom? Or wanted to experience a simulation on how disease spreads? Ever wondered how to collect bacteria and do your own gram staining for microscopic slide examination? It is all here! Come armed and ready!

Developing Unit Studies: A Hands-On Approach to Learning
Unit Studies are a fun and interactive way to learn. Unit studies provide in-depth study while exploring many facets of a topic, including geography, science, history, art, and more. It is an immersion experience where your student will see things as a “whole” instead of in “bits and pieces.” Participants will obtain a ready-to-use unit study and will learn the components of designing their own unit studies in the home.