Write at Home

Brian Wasko started WriteAtHome in 2001 after 13 years of high school teaching in public, private, and homeschool support education. He earned an English degree and a secondary English teaching certificate from the University of Virginia in 1988. Mr. Wasko has also worked part-time and full-time in youth and family ministry. He has published several articles as a freelance writer and editor. He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife, Melanie, and four homeschooled daughters. He is the owner and president of WriteAtHome, and is solely responsible for all typos on the lessons and assignments. Mr. Wasko enjoys visiting conferences and support groups to present workshops on student writing and writing instruction.


Evaluating Student Writing
Spelling, creativity, coherence, diction, grammar, punctuation, content, tone, structure, voice…How does a writing instructor take into consideration the varied subjective and objective criteria by which a paper might be judged? Is it possible to fairly assess a creative work? This workshop looks at a handful of options, landing on a favorite: scoring rubrics.

Great Books for Regular Students
You don’t need to be a professor or a literary snob to read and appreciate the great books. Taught by a homeschool dad and co-op teacher who has been successfully introducing regular students to great books for many years, this workshop will cover such questions as: “What exactly are the great books?” and “Why should I (and my kids) read them?” and “What if we don’t get it?”

How to Do Literary Analysis That Doesn’t Ruin the Book
There’s nothing worse than dissecting and over-analyzing a book you might have loved. (Okay, there are probably several things worse, but it’s still bad, isn’t it? Literary people are so…literal.) This workshop will show you how to do literary analysis so that students end up loving literature more rather than less.