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Information and Security

If you have more questions, please contact Tim & Sue Grimes, Information & Security Coordinators,

Q: In the event of an emergency, how can I be reached while at the convention?

A: At the beginning of every workshop we will ask that cell phones be turned off, or set to vibrate, so please leave our emergency phone number with your caregivers and family members. During convention hours, emergency calls should be directed to 804-921-0444. Emergency messages will be posted at the HEAV booth in the Exhibit Hall. An announcement also will be made in the Exhibit Hall, as well as in workshops, if necessary, to find you.

Q: Where is a good place to connect with a friend who is coming to the convention?

A: We have a message board at the Information & Security Booth in the lobby of the Exhibit Hall Building. You and your friends may plan to leave messages for one another on the board. [Please check back for a floor plan.]

Q: Is there a Lost and Found?

A: Yes, come to the Information & Security Booth to leave an item you found or to look for an item you have lost.

Q: Is a wheelchair available if I need one?

A: If you need a wheelchair at the convention, you must reserve it in advance. Availability is limited. Please contact the HEAV office at 804-278-9200 to inquire about reserving a wheelchair.

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