High School Essay Intensive ~ with Andrew Pudewa

Presented by humorous and engaging director of Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW),  master teacher Andrew Pudewa, the High School Essay Intensive class provides immediate experience in text-analysis writing exercises. Students will learn to employ strategies required in many college entrance exams or in response-to-literature prompts, including how to thoughtfully read the provided text, evaluate the ideas presented, select facts or examples to support an author’s claims, and identify stylistic or persuasive elements–such as word choice or appeals to emotion–which add power to the ideas. Open to all students, regardless of their experience with IEW courses or methodology, this seminar also offers tools and tips for general composition skills. Come prepared to write a great deal during this two-hour class.


THURSDAY, JUNE 11, noon to 2 p.m.

Geared toward students ages 13 and up.
Students ages 11 and 12 may attend with a parent.

Essay Intensive Clinic : $39/student

Accompanying Parent: $19/parent

Dissection Lab and Writing Clinic Combo: $59/student


Adventures in Writing: Creating a Story with Fun and Games ~ with Kim Kautzer

Geared toward students ages 11-14. Parents are welcome to attend.
Are your middle schoolers resistant, reluctant writers? Do they think writing is boring? Do they struggle to come up with ideas or writing topics? If previous experiences have sucked the joy out of using pen and paper, maybe it’s time they took a little writing adventure! Students will join Kim Kautzer, author and creative director of WriteShop, as together they explore the adventure-story genre through hands-on writing games, vocabulary-building activities, and creative brainstorming exercises. At the end of this two-hour workshop, they’ll have created an action-packed tale of adventure!

THURSDAY, JUNE 11, noon to 2 p.m.

No additional cost

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