Are You a Musician?

Share the talent you’ve worked so hard to develop! HEAV is excited to announce an expanded music competition for convention participants.

Eligibility Requirements

Applications are being accepted now through April 10, 2015.

The competition is open to any currently homeschooled student.

Applicants must preregister for the convention.

Application fee:  $10 Member/$15 Non-member

The categories are:

  • Solo vocalist (with or without accompaniment)
  • Solo instrumentalist (with or without accompaniment)
  • Piano is full. (Please e-mail to be put on the waiting list, and we will contact you if there is an opening.)

Register here.



First Place Winners in each of three categories will each receive:

  • $100 cash,
  • a beautifully inscribed plaque, and
  • free tuition and room/board for one week at Csehy Summer School of Music

In addition, the first-place winners will perform at one of the HEAV Keynote Sessions

Second Place Winners in each of the three categories will receive:

  • $50 cash,
  • a beautifully inscribed plaque, and
  • free tuition for one week at Csehy Summer School of Music.

Check back! Additional prizes will be added soon.

Our Sponsor

A huge “thank you” to our sponsor, Liberty University School of Music, for making this competition possible!



Competition Rules:

  1. The competition will be held at the 32nd Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention in Richmond, on Thursday afternoon (June 11, 2015), from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  2. The competition is open to any currently homeschooled student, high school senior and under. Accompanists may be any age. Past first place winners are not eligible to compete in the competition, but may ask to be considered for participation in a master class.
  3. Music should be classical, sacred, or traditional.
  4. Contestants may choose from one of three categories: piano, vocal, or instrumental. (no drums, please)
  5. Each competitor shall render only one musical selection to be performed in five minutes or less. In order to keep within the five-minute time limit, the competitor may eliminate part of his musical selection. The part to be removed must be marked on the score for the information of the judges.
  6. Competitors shall provide one (1) original scores for the information of the judges.
  7. Evaluation sheets with judges’ comments will be given to the competitor at the end of his competition.
  8. Dressing up is recommended as your appearance will reflect on your stage presence.
  9. Participants will be judged on mastery of his instrument in the following areas:
    • faithfulness to score
    • technique interpretation
    • stage presence
    • complexity of composition
    • memorization (recommended)
  10. First- and second-place winners will be determined in each of the categories.
  11. First-place winners will be presented at a keynote session to perform their winning piece for the attendees. Therefore, first-place winners must agree to be present at their designated keynote sessions on either Friday, June 12, or Saturday, June 13. The piano and vocal category winners will play at one of the keynote sessions on Friday, and the instrumental winner will play on Saturday.
  12. Since there will be a limited number of competitors, applications will be accepted until the performance time-allotment is filled.
  13. HEAV reserves the right to decline an applicant based on the rules of the competition and the appropriateness of the musical selection.
  14. Judges decisions are final.


Music Competition FAQs

No, CD accompaniment is not permitted.

Don’t feel that you must buy anything special to wear for the competition. Recommended attire is a suit or tux for the young men and a nice dress or gown for the young women. Modest attire is appropriate—no tight clothing, plunging necklines, or bare shoulders are permitted.

Yes, the time limit will be strictly enforced.

Yes, but you must still present one original copy of your music score for the judges.

The winner of the piano category and the vocal category will be playing at the keynote sessions on Friday. The winner of the instrumental category will play at the keynote session on Saturday.

First place in each category: $100 and the winners will perform their musical selection at a keynote session.

Second place in each category: $50

(There are also some additional, special prizes that will be announced shortly.)

The competition will be from 1:30 p.m. until approximately 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 11.

No, there will not be separate age categories. Everyone will be judged individually, based on faithfulness to score; technique; interpretation; stage presence; complexity of composition; and memorization. Everyone will then receive a copy of the judge’s score sheet– including any comments from the judges.

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