The 2014 Virginia Homeschool Convention Schedule! 


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Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Don’t Short Circuit: Exploring the Eye-Brain Connection Through Hands-On Discovery ~ Dr. Lainna Callentine *
Fasten your seat belts and embark on a fantastic voyage through the body, with Dr. Lainna Callentine as your tour guide. In this compelling, interactive, hands-on workshop, you will learn how your eyes and brain cooperate, and how optical illusions fool your brain. Transport yourself into the fascinating and complex world of brain anatomy and physiology. You will even pick a brain and poke at an eye in hands-on discovery dissections! Dr. Callentine brings the brain and eye “to life,” drawing you into the marvelous world of neuroscience as only a doctor can. *Extra charges apply.


2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Preparing to Homeschool High School ~  Lee Binz
Many homeschool parents approach high school with fear and trepidation, wondering, “Can we keep doing this?” Lee shows you how to keep doing what has always worked for you, as she covers all the scary topics like planning lessons, implementing grading systems, keeping organized records, taking advantage of different testing options, providing high school socialization, encouraging independent homeschooling, and preparing for college.


2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

FREE! Introduction to Homeschooling ~ Yvonne Bunn
“Homeschooling is among the top 10 of more than 200 significant trends that will have an impact on future society,” says The Trends Journal, world leader in trends analysis and forecasting. If you’ve wondered what homeschooling is, or who homeschools and why, this fact-filled workshop will give you answers. From the history of homeschooling to the statistical results of the most recent nationwide study, you will receive the information you need to decide if homeschooling is right for you and your family.


Learning to Draw ~ Barry Stebbing
All that’s needed is a pencil and paper to enjoy this hour-long workshop on learning to draw. Mr. Stebbing has been teaching 3-day art classes throughout North America to homeschoolers for many years, estimating that he has personally instructed over 60,000 students. Using an overhead projector, students will follow along, step-by-step, learning the basic building blocks—the “fundamentals.” Come enjoy an educational and inspiring beginning course in drawing for both younger and older students that will offer exercises in perspective, portraits, anatomy, “fundamentals,” and cartooning.


3:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Financial Planning for Christians ~ Erik Weir
This is a how-to session covering a variety of topics, including investing, getting out of debt, life insurance, health insurance, college expense, leaving a financial legacy, funding a start-up, basic family economics, and budgeting.


Mind-Numbing to Mind-Blowing: How to Write an Essay that Someone Might Actually Want to Read  ~  Brian Wasko*
Believe it or not, there are people who write essays without being commanded to. This workshop will debunk the myth that essays are unavoidably painful experiences for both writer and reader. Every college-bound student needs to know how to write an essay. Students will learn some secrets to writing well, with form and structure, but without following a bland, prefabricated template. They’ll learn how to write about interesting things in a way that prods the intellect—without stifling the imagination. This workshop will also cover some strategies for evaluating, revising, and proofreading essays, so parents of teens are welcome and sure to benefit as well. *Extra charges aply


3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What is the “Best” Evidence God Created? ~ Carl Kerby
In this talk, Carl will show you how to look at the animals, stars, and humans as tools for evangelism. Almost every zoo teaches evolution exclusively, but the unique and intricate design of animals practically screams, “In the beginning, God created…” In this informative presentation, you will learn how to point out unique design features in frogs, lizards, insects, the stars, and humans, and how to share your conviction that they speak to a literal Creator. Once you understand God’s creation, you’ll be able to open conversations and share the gospel in unique ways.


3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

FREE! How to Begin: What You Really Need to Know ~ Yvonne Bunn
Overwhelmed by friendly advice and tons of information? This informative workshop will help you weed through all the things you’ve heard and focus on what you really need to know to homeschool successfully: Am I qualified? How do I prepare? Where can I go for help? What things should I never do? What are some secrets of success? And more! Don’t miss this opportunity to get off to the right start.


5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

FREE! Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified ~ Yvonne Bunn
Know your homeschooling rights—don’t let the “legalese” confuse you! In this workshop, find out who is required to attend school, what requirements you must meet in order to homeschool, what test and evaluation options may be used, whom you should notify and when, what to do if you are homeschooling because of your sincere religious beliefs, and what types of records you need to keep. Know your options before you begin!


If Mama Ain’t Happy ~ Marla Cilley (The FlyLady)

The FlyLady, clutter-buster extraordinaire, shows how you can incorporate habits and routines into daily life to create a spirit of peace in your home.


8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Handiwork of the King ~ Children’s Program

Special Buddies Program


10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

iAdvocate ~ Generation Joshua

iCommand ~ Generation Joshua


Keynote (8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.)

Sacred Marriage: The Foundation of a Homeschooling Household ~ Gary Thomas

One of the most impactful lessons we can teach our children is the importance of a solid marriage. A marriage isn’t something parents can “hide” from their children, which is why learning to grow in intimacy in a God-honoring marriage is so crucial to child-rearing. Based on principles from his book Sacred Marriage, Gary will look at key spiritual dynamics to deepen the tenor of your marriage.


Session 1 (10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

Giving Homeschool Teens a Vision to Change the World ~ Phil Downer
In this session we will be confronting complacency, mediocrity, and the sense of entitlement. This workshop provides building blocks for mentoring young people in preparation for great service with an expanding vision to serve their heavenly Father as kingdom builders. Discover the steps to channeling the energy, creativity, and imagination of young people into the greater service of the Lord.


Is Math Straining Your Relationship with Your Children? ~ Tom Clark
Join Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive and author of Algebra: A Complete Course and Geometry: A Complete Course, as he offers an entertaining and educational session designed to help you discover the reasons behind the difficulty in several of the traditional trouble spots of math. Topics discussed will be determined by the audience and may include division of fractions and multiplication of decimals (using those mindless rules), long-division, story-problems, positive and negative numbers, and numerous other “trouble spots,” all of which seem to (erroneously) indicate that mathematics is just naturally “difficult.”


Designing Your Own Lit Program: a Scope and Sequence Workshop  ~ Adam Andrews
Many parents are dissatisfied with the books assigned in box curriculum sets, yet they feel inadequate to strike out on their own and create effective reading programs for their children. Adam puts these fears to rest with an inspiring lesson in scope-and-sequence development. Presenting a step-by-step procedure that is accessible to even the busiest teachers, Adam makes a powerful case that it’s not how many books you do, it’s how well you do them! Come listen and be set free from the “tyranny of the booklist.”


Study Like a Genius: Unlocking Your Brain ~ Woody Robertson
All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it whenever it’s needed. Most people are never taught how to learn effectively. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most. Whether a parent or a student, in this interactive and practical session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques, which will radically change the way you learn and retain information.


Learning to Draw ~ Barry Stebbing
All that’s needed is a pencil and paper to enjoy this hour-long workshop on learning to draw. Mr. Stebbing has been teaching 3-day art classes throughout North America to homeschoolers for many years, estimating that he has personally instructed over 60,000 students. Using an overhead projector, students will follow along step-by-step, learning the basic building blocks—the “fundamentals.” Come enjoy an educational and inspiring beginning course in drawing for both younger and older students that will offer exercises in perspective, portraits, anatomy, “fundamentals,” and cartooning.


The Sacred Search: Helping the Next Generation Make Wise Marital Choices ~ Gary Thomas
Sadly, many Christians get married for the same reasons that non-Christians do. I am passionate about helping singles make spiritual purpose the driving purpose behind their choice of whom they should marry. We’ll look at the limitations of infatuation, sexual chemistry, and compatibility on dates, showing how these factors are poor predictors of long-term marital satisfaction and intimacy. We’ll also look at Matthew 6:33 to learn how a larger spiritual vision should direct the crucial choice of whom we marry.


Help! Q & A for Parents of Struggling Learners ~ Panel Discussion with Judi Munday and Sarah Olbris
Have questions about teaching YOUR struggling learner? Get answers from this panel of special-needs experts!


Developing Student Intellectual Virtues ~ Chris Perrin
Educators throughout the ages have always linked the process and aims of education with virtue. This seminar traces the ways in which this linkage developed and explores ways in which we can practically foster the growth of virtues in an academic environment. Some of these virtues include humility, patience, courage, perseverance, and the passion for and pursuit of truth. The goal of this seminar is to acquaint educators with the tradition and value of intellectual virtue and to show them how they can practically begin to cultivate these virtues in their students.


The Joys of Teaching Your Grandkids ~ Rick Boyer
Think you’re done with homeschooling? Not if you have grandchildren! You’re just embarking on a great adventure that will bless you and your kids—and their kids, too. Now, you’re entering a time of life in which you can relax a bit on the “requirements” and do the things with your grandchildren that you wish you could have done with their parents. It’s time to get creative…adventurous…and excited! It’s time to get with your grandchildren and take the adventure of learning to new heights!


Creation vs Evolution: Why It Matters ~ Dr. Terry Mortenson
Many Christians today think that the question of origins (and especially the age of the earth) is an unimportant side issue which can distract us from focusing on Christ and the gospel, and over which we can just “agree to disagree.” But is this correct thinking? Dr. Mortenson presents some of the biblical, theological, and scientific reasons for believing that this issue is vitally important for every Christian, because what ultimately is at stake is the authority of Scripture and the gospel.


CEO or Dad ~ Erik Weir
In this session, I share the testimony of my family and our journey from my life as a senior executive with a New York investment bank who was losing the hearts of his wife and children, to a repentant Christian father who transitioned to homeschooling and mentoring. I share how I struggled with homeschooling at first, when I began to teach, and how I took my children on business meetings and encouraged their own entrepreneurism.


Choosing and Using Curriculum ~ Melinda Boring
Understand your curriculum choices so you can choose more effectively! Melinda presents principles to consider as well as specific insights on many available materials and their effectiveness. This will help you understand your needs better so you waste less money on materials that don’t work! We will address special needs, but this session has much to offer every parent making curriculum choices. Are you confused about educational styles, grade levels, or what your learner can do independently? Do you want to know the pros and cons of various reading and math curricula? Come and hear this before you spend your budget!


Collaborating Conversations ~ Chris Hogan
The quality of your decisions will affect the quality of your life. Learn four biblical models for decision making and a process that helps each family member weigh-in so they can buy-in to decisions that need the cooperation of the whole family.


Fine Arts the Charlotte Mason Way ~ Sonya Shafer
You don’t have to be a music major or an art aficionado to teach fine arts to your children, and no one can deny the benefits of a full educational plan that teaches music and art to even the most uninterested and seemingly un-artistic students. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover an easy, yet effective, way to give your children an appreciation—if not love!— for music and art that will enrich their lives and yours.


Fearless: Teaching Science Without Fear ~ Dr. Lainna Callentine
Calling all parents…come discover your inner child! Get your hands dirty and experience the joy of dissection. Be encouraged that you can teach your eager learner the fun of hands-on science, at home! Science encourages your child to explore, wonder, and observe the order God has placed in our world. Unfortunately, science is also a field of study many homeschooling parents find extremely intimidating. Dr. Callentine will help you define and address your concerns. Whether your student is currently in high school or preparing to enter high school, you will be armed and ready.


Christian Education Reflecting the Love of God ~ Bob Jones University

Defending the Dream ~ Heritage Foundation

Wheat Belly—Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Wheat ~ Breadbeckers

Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum ~ Rosetta Stone

Raising a Critical Thinker! ~ GeoMatters

Training the Next Generation of Game Development Leadership ~ Youth Digital

Teaching History the Way It Happened—In Order! ~ Biblioplan for Families

Am I Emphasizing the Right Things? ~ The Struggling Reader



Noon – 1:30 (Lunch)


Session 2  (1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.)

Raising Cain and Abel: A Look at Sibling Rivalry ~ Rick Boyer
Few irritations strain parents’ nerves like fighting between their children. Fortunately, Scripture records the stories of several cases of strife between siblings. In almost every case, there is a principle involved that the parents have violated, sowing seeds of destruction in their family. This series of case studies gives valuable insight into the causes of—and the cures for—sibling rivalry.


Guiding Your Child Through Discovery, Direction, and Decision ~ Woody Robertson
This presentation is for parents who are thinking, “What is the 100%-guaranteed way for parents to get their children to make wise and thoughtful decisions?” If you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone. Most parents have a secret fear of watching their children grow up to make poor, purposeless choices. When speaking with young adults, we find that many of them feel overwhelmed by the number of choices they face. However, parents can walk with their children through these decisions, not by knowing the future, but through exploring their child’s life purpose by asking the right questions.


Teenage Math: What to Teach, and How to Teach It ~ Tom Clark
Are you struggling with teaching math to your teenagers? Do the words “algebra” and “geometry” strike fear in the hearts of your family? In this workshop, Tom Clark will offer a sometimes humorous exploration of the reasons that instruction can be difficult and will then get serious about WHY teenagers need higher-level math. If you or your students have ever asked, “When are we going to use this algebra stuff?” then this workshop is for you!


I Think I’ll Quit Homeschooling ~ Tracy Klicka
Come explore five reasons moms quit school and how you can keep from becoming a dropout! Tracy Klicka hasn’t met a homeschool mom yet who, at some point in her homeschooling experience, didn’t desperately want to quit. Sometimes it seems like the challenges are more than we can take, but there is hope. Be encouraged not just to survive, but to thrive in raising children for the Lord.


Common Core ~ Eagle Forum


Positively Techie Teens! ~ Evonne Mandella
Techie teens can get a bad rap. While many teenagers struggle with unwholesome online habits, their techie, entrepreneurial peers have skills and interests that guide them away from destructive use of their technology. Positively techie teens embrace and learn constructive multimedia skills that bless those around them. You will find positively techie teens in your church’s multimedia department, starting websites, and teaching others—all while learning marketable skills. Discover how your teen can be positively techie, too!


“One More Chapter, Please!” Develop Life-Long Readers ~ Sarita Holzmann
Sarita unlocks the secret of developing a family that loves to read, and illuminates why great readers become great writers. As you embrace the “novel” idea of how living books teach, you and your children can enter the cultures, lives, and ideas of people and events that might never come alive in a textbook paragraph. She’ll guide you through the benefits of a story-centered education and offer practical tips on how to light the fire of learning.


Don’t Let Home Education Destroy Your Marriage! ~ Voddie Baucham
Some homeschool families come to the end of the road and find that, as their children leave home, so does any pretense of relationship between Mom and Dad. They gave all they had to and for their children, but the demands of home education consumed them, and they made no effort to invest in their marriage. In this session, we will talk about the theological and practical importance of a strong marriage as the foundation of home education. Come explore ways to make time for your marriage, and how it will benefit you and your children in the long run.


Gotta Love Those Preschoolers! ~ Marilyn Boyer
Marilyn Boyer taught fourteen children at home, so she’s had plenty of experience with every age group. Her favorite group to teach is those eager, curious, exciting, challenging munchkins we call preschoolers. This is the time when we lay the foundation for greatness by pouring out love and acceptance instead of treating them like a nuisance. Preschoolers aren’t just little interruptions to be kept “occupied” while older siblings study. Preschool is the time to tap into their potential by maximizing their natural love for learning and helping them see that God is preparing them for a lifetime of important service.


Developing a Plan for Sexual Purity in Your Homeschool Family ~ Phil Downer (designed for parents and teens ages 13 and up)
This workshop focuses on the practical and biblical steps we can take to overcome the destruction of sexual immorality in the family and Christian community today. It offers positive ways to walk in righteousness that will build confidence, strength, and leadership into your children. Topics discussed include setting standards, guarding the heart, conquering destructive habits, making no provision for the flesh, establishing a two-way conversation with your children early, erasing destructive memories, building accountability, beginning afresh, and the role of grace and forgiveness.


Words Rock ~ Brian Wasko
Would a choice between writing and a root canal pose a dilemma for your student? This workshop is guaranteed to make English more fun than trampolines and roller coasters. We’ll take a look at several ways to sprinkle some spice into your English curriculum. It’s not just about fun and games either—students who discover the pleasure of puns and the allure of alliteration tend to do much better on SATs and standardized tests.


Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From? ~ Dr. Terry Mortenson
To really understand what is wrong with a belief in “millions of years,” we must go back to the early 19th century and study the origin of the idea. Based on Dr. Mortenson’s Ph.D. research, this session demonstrates that the idea was not the result of “just letting the rocks and fossils speak for themselves,” but comes from anti-biblical worldviews—philosophical assumptions—being imposed on the geological evidence. This thought-provoking workshop explains the key men who developed the idea of “millions of years,” the various ways that Christians responded, and the subsequent consequences of the church’s compromise with the idea.


Is Your Homeschooling C.H.A.O.S.? ~ Susan Kemmerer
Oh, if only everyone could get along! But, instead, it is C.H.A.O.S. (constantly heckling always over something). How do you deal with anger and bickering in your kids so that your homeschool and your home run more smoothly? This was the topic chosen by my teenagers as one area in our family where God has demonstrated His power in us. You can learn how to deal with sibling rivalry and enjoy your children’s company once again. The fruit of PEACE can blossom in your home.

Equipping Yourself for the Struggling-Learner Journey ~ Kristen Eckenwiler
Whether you have an official diagnosis or simply suspect that something is just not clicking the way it should, your journey with your struggling learner is unique. Beyond the search for effective curriculum, there is much more to learn in order to be the most effective parent-teacher for your child. Join us for a helpful and encouraging discussion on the challenges you face with a struggling learner.


Connecting Conversations ~ Chris Hogan
Connect with your family on nine levels. We desire to connect at deeper levels, but we often just don’t know how. Your relationships will begin to thrive as you learn how to navigate through nine levels of authentic sharing. When children experience close relationships, they are less vulnerable to addictions and relationship replacements found in the virtual world.


Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget  ~ Vicki Bentley
Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars per child. Vicki homeschooled seven children during the time their family was without a full-time income for four years—sometimes spending less than $100 per year. Learn money- and resource-saving tips, creative approaches to hands-on homeschooling, lesson applications in everyday situations, and more. This encouraging workshop will enable you to take advantage of every opportunity to enrich your children’s schooling without breaking your budget.


Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer ~ Lee Binz
Whether you stick to your homeschool lessons through the summer or take a break to rest and re-energize, there are many ways to use the summertime for (fun!) educational gain. Drawing on her own family’s experiences, Lee shares many examples of how a small investment of time each day this summer—to read, review, experiment, or create—can pay big rewards next school year!


Teaching the Heart and Soul ~ Notgrass

Releasing Your Child from the Grips of Entertainment ~ Creating a Masterpiece

Family Discipleship: Start Here! ~ Shelby Kennedy/National Bible Bee

Planning for College and Life ~ CollegePlus

Breathing Life into Your Language Arts ~ Total Language Plus

Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Biblical Perspective ~ My Father’s World


Session 3 (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

A Grand World View: Give Your Kids a Heart for the World ~ Sarita Holzmann
Want to help your children wrap their minds and their hearts around the world? Sarita addresses the why and how of giving your children information about—and compassion for—people across the globe. If you want your kids not only to point out a location on a map, but also to understand what they see on the news and to know how to pray for diverse people groups; if you want to spark an interest in missions worldwide and create a hunger to understand other people and new ideas, then you’ll want to listen!


Building the Perfect Reading List: How to Find Great Books for Students of All Ages ~ Adam Andrews
In an engaging presentation that is as much class discussion as lecture, Adam involves the audience in a lively debate on the definition of the classic. In the process, listeners are encouraged to consider the moral and ethical nature of reading, and are invited to suggest candidates for a “class list” of all-time great books. This presentation teaches three important tests to apply to any book in order to determine whether it is worthy, and suggests some reasons why you should even care. So, which books belong on your student’s reading list? Come find out!


Holding Their Hearts ~ Marilyn Boyer
Holding Their Hearts explains how the key to raising children who love God is in the heart-to-heart relationship between parent and child, where children are not just trained but discipled. Take the time to give your children the security of knowing they have your heart. In so doing, you are making it easier for them to freely give their hearts back to their Creator, and that is our mission. Catch a vision of how you can reach and hold the heart of your children and build fulfilling family relationships that will be passed on through generations.


One-Hour Transcript: A Hands-On Workshop ~ Lee Binz
A fast-paced, high-energy follow-up to “Making a Transcript” or “Grades and Credits.” After you finish this course you’ll have a rough draft of your student’s high school transcript completed within just one hour! This is great practice for parents of junior high children—giving them the skills to collect and record the necessary transcript information as their child goes through high school—and a great place to start for parents of high school students.


Simplifying Homeschool ~ Karen Debeus
I can’t work with all this clutter! Where did I put the math lessons? My supplies? Why aren’t our school days ever smooth like everyone else’s? Chicken nuggets for dinner again! Does any of this sound familiar? In this workshop, Karen will help you get a handle on your homeschool—not by adding rigid structure, but by simplifying. Learn to get rid of clutter that can physically and mentally disrupt your homeschool; most importantly, get rid of anything that distracts you from putting God first in your homeschool.


Organic Multimedia Skills for Homeschooling Families ~ Evonne Mandella
Welcome to the tech generation! If that makes you cringe, you are not alone. Technology is all around us, yet it can seem foreign and intimidating to learn at times. How do we teach these all-important, marketable skills to our children? In this workshop, families will learn how to naturally introduce multimedia projects into their homeschooling. You will discover free tools to explore everything from graphic design to video making to app creation—and much more! Best of all, you will see how much fun it is to add these “organic” (naturally inspired) elements to your homeschooling. Your children have the creativity; now they will have the tools!


Beyond the Textbooks ~ Rick Boyer
Before mass compulsory schooling, students learned to investigate, reason, and form independent attitudes. Today’s home-educating parents are discovering many exciting ways to get beyond packaged curriculum and experience real books, real skills, real relationships—and real learning!


The Role of the Father in Home Education ~ Voddie Baucham
Many homeschool dads view their role as little more than providing money for curriculum. The results of such passivity are devastating: marriages are strained, homeschool boys are feminized, moms are frustrated and isolated, and feminism exploits the opening. The homeschool movement risks becoming feminized altogether, and you can (and must) do something about your own home. Hear how homeschool fathers can be more than sideline spectators or bullies who demand results. Dad will learn how to cast vision, set goals, offer support, and get involved. Mom will learn how to apply biblical principles to encourage her husband—without using manipulation or guilt—to assume his role as leader in the home.


Motivating Guys to Take Ownership of Their Education ~ Woody Robertson
“I can’t get my son to sit at his desk and study!”…“All my son wants to do is climb trees and play with LEGO®!” If this sounds familiar, you’re finding that most boys have more in common than you think. In this session, Woody shares the fears his mom had about home education and will help you shift your mindset from one of “surviving” boys to one of raising men. Sharing from his own experience, he will help turn task-oriented drudgery into delight with practical tips and tricks. Do more than survive—help your son take personal ownership of his education and launch into life!


Embodied Learning: How to Help Students Love What Is Lovely ~ Chris Perrin
Learning is a matter of exercising our minds and therefore has a rational component. But all that we learn must also pass through our five senses, which makes our body a critical element in our education and growth. In what ways do we pay attention to our surroundings—and to the rhythms, traditions, and practices that shape the way we learn and what we love? This seminar will demonstrate that music, art, architecture, play, time in nature, household traditions, dress, furniture, and scheduling are just as important for the education of our children as the ideas we discuss and teach.


Charlotte Mason and Her Methods ~ Sonya Shafer
In this practical and encouraging overview of the methods used in the Charlotte Mason approach, you will learn about the tools and resources it uses to educate—including living books, short lessons, fine arts, history, geography, dictation, narration, copywork, poetry, and more.


Photography: A Higher Perspective ~ James Staddon

Anyone in your family have a knack for taking pictures? Trying to decide the best place to start learning photography—or figure out how to take the next step forward? Join James as he lays down the foundations all photographers need to know as they jump into the world of photography! James will explain how to shoot for long-range goals, and he will outline simple steps that you can take to bring your photography skills to the next level. See the bigger picture—and start moving toward it!


Teach Your Child to Think Critically About Fossils! ~ Carl Kerby
In our world today, our children are taught that the fossil record has proven that life evolved over millions of years. Parents need to teach their children how to question and evaluate this claim, and others like it, that are taught as proven fact. In this presentation, Carl will equip you to do just that. He will teach you how to evaluate—both critically and biblically—the claims that are made concerning fossils, and to look at the development of the earth from a biblical perspective.


Business Basics: How to Build a Successful Business ~ Erik Weir
Marketing, managing, planning, goal setting, executing your plan, networking, selecting the best business for you (internet-based or physical location)…all of this and much more is covered in this interesting, informative session.


How To Do Literary Analysis That Doesn’t Ruin the Book ~ Brian Wasko
There’s nothing worse than dissecting and over-analyzing a book you might have loved. (Okay, there are probably several things worse, but it’s still bad, isn’t it? Literary people are so…literal.) This workshop will show you how to do literary analysis so that students end up loving literature more rather than less.


Courageous Conversations ~ Chris Hogan
If you can interpret accurately, you will be able to respond appropriately in most situations. This protocol for conversations is a biblically based process for resolving misunderstandings that occur in all families. You will learn ten questions that will allow you to course-correct and reconnect quickly with your children and your spouse, and will help siblings resolve their most pressing issues.


History Starts Here: Digging Into the Past ~ Tyler Hogan
Understanding the times starts with understanding times past—but teaching history is hard, right? It doesn’t have to be. This workshop will show you how to make history fun, relevant, and memorable—from the ancients to modern days. Dig into timelines, maps, hands-on projects, teaching methods, and more! Help your student learn how to view history—not as a series of disjointed anecdotes, but as a continuous world story in which the hand of God is visible. Ignite your students’ love of learning and marvel at the work of God through your study of history.


Exploding the Supermom Myth ~ Susan Kemmerer
Faster than a speeding toddler. More perceptive than a loco teenager. Able to fold tall towers of laundry in a single hour. It’s a maid. It’s a teacher. It’s Supermom! Unfortunately, Supermom I am not. There are just not enough hours in my day or energy in this old body. So, how do we homeschool moms do it all? Is it possible to succeed in keeping up with the housework and the homeschool? Or do I just hope nobody phones in a tip to the Environmental Protection Agency that my home is a hazardous waste site? A homeschool mother of nine shares with you the tools she uses to cope with the pressures of “doing it all.”


This Can’t Wait Until High School: Teaching a Biblical Worldview to Ages 6–14 ~ Apologia

Bridging Cultural Gaps through Innovative Language Learning ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

Preschool and Kindergarten Without Tears ~ Ready-Made Preschool

Visual-Based Success with RightStart™ Math! ~ Right Start Math

Unit Studies…for EVERYONE!  ~ Homeschool Legacy



Keynote (4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.)

Multigenerational Vision ~ Voddie Baucham
Before we can do right, we must learn to think right. We all act in accordance with what we believe. Unfortunately, many Christians believe things about marriage, family, and children that are grossly unbiblical. As a result, we simply live for today, with no thought for the consequences to coming generations. Once we grasp a multi-generational vision, the pieces begin to fall into place.



8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Heroes of the Faith ~ Children’s Program

Special Buddies Program


10:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

iAdvocate ~ Generation Joshua

iCommand ~ Generation Joshua


Keynote (8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.)

Hope and a Future: Home Education ~ Michael Farris
Jeremiah 29:11 is one of the most encouraging verses in the Bible. It paints a bright picture of hope, but it was written in the midst of Israel’s captivity. We live in hard times. Dark clouds are on the horizon. But, we know the God who brings us a message of hope—when all the externals would tell us there is no reason to hope.


Session 4 (10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

The Secret to Homeschooling Boys ~ Susan Kemmerer
Okay, we’ve all heard that boys are from Mars, and if you’ve ever tried to homeschool these little aliens so different from yourself, you’ll surely believe it. Once they hit the teen years, their “alien-ness” can seem to rob them of what little humanness they had—at least that’s the way it looks from our female point of view! How, oh how, do you begin to teach these critters that are so different from yourself? Susan, a homeschool mother of seven boys (five already graduated), will humorously share with you the joy and fun of teaching boys and will gently lead you to love and admire your own “Martians”—and to enjoy the journey!


Adapting Curriculum for Your Child’s Learning Style ~ Melinda Boring
You’ve planned a great lesson and you’re enthusiastic, but before you even begin, your child asks, “How long is this going to take?” Or maybe you like to go with the flow but your child persists in wanting to know a schedule for the day. Take the next step—beyond identifying basic learning styles to recognizing the ways teachers and students may differ in their approaches to processing information and completing assignments. Learn proven teaching strategies and techniques for adapting and modifying curriculum to maximize your time and effort.


Organized (Well, Almost!): Time Management for Busy Moms ~ Vicki Bentley
As a busy mom, do you sometimes struggle with lesson planning, keeping the house somewhat presentable, teaching, keeping up with the laundry, and getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool? Come hear practical time-management and organizational tips, and  get encouragement from a fellow homeschool mom of many. Your husband and children will thank you, and you will have hope for another day of science and language arts!


Learning with Living Books ~ Sonya Shafer
Good “living books” feed our children a feast of ideas to explore and expand upon, rather than just dry facts to memorize. Join Sonya and discover a simple, yet effective, approach to true education by incorporating living books into every subject. Learn just what makes living books “living,” discover how to find and evaluate them, and practice using them in a way that makes learning stick. This method provides an effective educational component to lessons for students of any age and any grade level.


The Afterlife: Our Homeschooling Career Is Coming to a Close. What’s Next? ~ Mentoring Moms Panel  
Your youngest child is about to graduate and the end of formal “homeschooling” is in sight. What comes next? Why not use the tools you have spent years developing to inspire others? Come and be encouraged—there IS life after homeschooling. Our panel of veteran home educators will share ideas and experiences that will help motivate you to finish strong and look forward to the next season of life.


Preserving the Future of Homeschooling by Fighting the Common Core ~ Michale Farris
What are the Common Core Standards, and what is their impact on homeschooling? Mike Farris explains how the new Common Core Standards could hurt homeschooling and how we can stop them before they do.


How to Mark Up a Student Paper Like a Pro (Only Better) ~ Brian Wasko
Nothing is more important in helping students improve their writing than a coach’s written notes. This workshop will show you how to provide encouraging, constructive feedback on student papers. We’ll even work through a sample paper or two.


Dinosaurs: Have You Been Brainwashed? ~ Dr. Terry Mortenson
This popular session shows that evolutionists really don’t know how dinosaurs came into existence or how they went extinct, and they have no real evidence that dinosaurs evolved into birds. The Bible gives us the truth to know how and when they were created and why we find their bones fossilized in rock layers. The connection of the dinosaurs to the gospel is clear. This well-illustrated presentation will help kids and adults recognize the evolutionary brainwashing they’ve encountered on this subject.


College Scholarships for High School Credit ~ Lee Binz
In this resource-packed presentation, Lee shows you how to find and evaluate private scholarships, filter out the useless ones, format them into an easy-to-use notebook, and file them into your homeschool transcript. Then she will share tips to encourage your students to follow through with their applications—priceless information for any parent of college-bound high schoolers.


Nook-and-Cranny Farming ~ Joel Salatin
Teaser: “I can’t farm because I don’t have any land” is a common frustration expressed by landless folks who would like nothing better than to farmstead for all or most of their living. Using principles refined over half a century of family farming, Salatin’s inspiring roadmap to farm entry can empower the most difficult circumstance. The average American farmer is now 60 years old. Why? If young people can’t get in, old people can’t get out. Based on his new book Fields of Farmers, this presentation offers hope for aspiring farmsteaders.


To Whom Much Is Given ~ Erik Weir
Come learn how to be abundantly blessed and rear children who are hard-working, not entitled, and love the Lord. Topics will cover giving of your time, giving of your resources, estate-tax management, gift-tax management, and how to prepare family to inherit and continue a family business.


Biblical Answers to Common Questions Our Youth Are Facing ~ Carl Kerby
The church is losing its next generation at an alarming rate. Anywhere from 50 to 88 percent of the young people raised in Bible-believing Christian homes walk away from the church after age 18. In this talk, Carl examines the causes of this huge exodus, and then teaches how to start with the Bible to answer questions and overcome doubt. Carl will share biblical answers to questions such as these: How did they fit all 10 billion species in a wooden boat? Where did all the water come from for a global flood? Where did all the water go? How many different races of people are there? …and many others!


Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know ~ Karen Debeus
Do you think you are ready for this journey? There are ten things you need to know. Whether you are feeling prepared, excited, or overwhelmed, you won’t want to miss these points that are essential to every new homeschooler! In this workshop, we will discuss curriculum, heart issues, discipline, home-keeping, and so much more! Karen herself felt like the unlikeliest of homeschoolers, but she has seen God’s amazing provision throughout; so rest assured, new homeschooler…if she can do this, anyone can!


Teaching Mathematics as a Language: What Gets Lost in Translation? ~ Tom Clark
Did you know that mathematics has parts of speech and sentence structure, just as does any spoken language? Did you know that understanding the “grammar” of mathematics greatly helps students understand problem-solving and applications? In this workshop, Tom clearly and humorously demonstrates this quality of mathematical language. At last, you will truly understand the roles of all types of mathematical symbols and you will see how easy it is to translate between mathematics and English, enabling you to improve your understanding and teaching of “story problems” at all levels.


Answering the Four Core Questions ~ Chris Hogan
It is hard to train children when they don’t have a positive answer to their four core questions. The more negative the answers to these questions are, the more reactionary people will become. Chris discovered these core questions by coaching thousands of conversations between people from all over the world. Learn how to properly answer these questions and see your children experience the joy of feeling safe, secure, significant, and sufficient for life.


Vision and Learning: Understanding Vision-Related Learning Problems ~ Dr. Kenneth Westcott
According to the National Parent Teacher Association, over 10 million children have undiagnosed vision problems that interfere with their schoolwork. Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. The eyes must effortlessly focus, track, and work together as a coordinated team to perform many visual tasks, as well as understand and remember what is read. Dr. Westcott will demonstrate how vision problems impact the learning process and how to easily detect them.


Latitude Assessment Demonstration ~ YouScience

Dr. Berard’s Auditory-Integration Training ~ Moore Than Tutoring

Experience Excellence in Writing ~ Institute for Excellence in Writing

Proofs in High School Geometry ~ Algebra and Geometry: A Fresh Approach

Three Keys to a Great Art Education ~ Artistic Pursuits

College Preparation and the Homeschooled Student ~ Regent University

The Secrets of Great Spelling ~ Latin Road


Lunch (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)

Graduation (1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.)


Session 5 (1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.)

How to Be a Successful Learner ~ Erik Weir
Discover how to learn from a mentor, appreciate a mentor, think critically, and learn from both failure and success.


Multi-Level Teaching Is for You ~ Melinda Boring
How can you successfully teach more than one child at very different levels without “reinventing” everything all the time? Learn three, simple-as-ABC ways to get started into multi-age teaching. Experience teaching and learning in a new way. Receive a list of questions to spark learning on any topic. Learn what it means to “really” teach. Participate, as it works with a really large group! Learn the steps of good teaching. Have fun—but you’ve got to listen fast! This is one hour chock-full of learning!


“It’s Onomatopoeia, Mom!” – Using Children’s Stories to Teach Literary Devices ~ Adam Andrews
Juxtaposition, metaphor, symbolism, irony, foreshadowing—HELP! Parents often avoid the subject of literature because of the intimidating vocabulary of literary analysis. The truth is, you don’t need a college degree in literature to understand this vocabulary; what you need is a well-written children’s story. Adam takes the audience on a guided tour of literary devices, making discerning literary analysts out of each and every audience member. Doing the same with your own children couldn’t be easier, but beware: soon, they will be finding onomatopoeia everywhere they look!


What Is “Critical Thinking” and Can Anyone Do It? ~ Tom Clark
Are your students learning passively, or are they involved in concept development? Are they figuring things out for themselves, or are they just learning tricks and shortcuts? Come brainstorm with Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, as he humorously explores with you the reasons instruction can be difficult, developing along the way a list of benchmark signals and strategies which will help students think, both critically and analytically


Help! My Tongue Is On Fire and I Can’t Put It Out ~ Susan Kemmerer
Sometimes during a stressful day of homeschooling, our tongues just get the best of us. We know we should be more encouraging, patient, and joyful, but it’s hard to see much good in the little sinners that populate our homeschools. At times all we can see are their shortcomings—how unmotivated, self-centered, or worldly they are. But this one thing is absolutely key to a successful homeschool! How can we see our children through a different lens and put out the fire in our unruly tongues—an area in which every one of us struggles? This fun and powerful workshop will help to equip you with the Holy-Spirit motivated gift of encouragement.


Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years ~ Dr. Terry Mortenson
This seminar first explains some of the biblical evidence that Noah’s flood was a unique, historic, global, catastrophic flood. Then Dr. Mortenson discusses some of the geological and fossil evidence for this event. It will be shown that the idea of “millions of years” did not and does not come from the rocks and fossils but rather from anti-biblical worldview assumptions used to interpret the geological evidence. Included will be brief discussion (understandable to lay people) of why Christians should not accept the millions-of-years dates derived from radiometric dating methods.


Preparing Toddlers and Preschoolers to Become Strong Readers ~ Denise Eide
Discover how Denise’s two-year-old niece changed her views on early language development forever! With a few simple ideas, you too can transform key moments into powerful pre-reading and writing games. Knowing these tools will revolutionize how you approach pre-literacy skills and ease your little ones into the printed word.


Developing a Child-Centric Business ~ Joel Salatin
Teaser: Many parents feel stuck in their employment routine, but yearn for something more entrepreneurial and self-directed for their children. Unsticking the next generation from this ”working for the man” paradigm can unleash new opportunities for mission and personal passion. Discovering, designing, and developing age-appropriate businesses offers a family-ministry angle too often missing in our outside-agenda-driven lives. Using his own childhood, children, grandchildren, and apprentices as a template, Salatin’s workshop provides life-changing tools.


Loving Geography—Even If You Can’t Fold a Map! ~ Tyler Hogan
Geography is one of the most under-taught subjects, but in a world that is increasingly global-minded—where long distance is a thing of the past—it is perhaps one of the most crucial topics for us to understand. The good news is that the study of the earth—its structure and inhabitants—is not only fascinating but also easy to integrate into your homeschool. In this workshop, you will find a vision for teaching geography, as well as creative, enjoyable ways to enhance your teaching in every subject.


A Dad’s Irreplaceable Role ~ Phil Downer
This is a practical and biblical session on the father’s role in training the homeschool family and leading the home. Dad needs to be engaged in instructing, but also in building strong character and strong relationships. He is called to be a strong leader, yet gentle and humble. He is not just a coach, but God’s player-coach. One of the most powerful secrets of how Dad can be all these things is to start by being a three letter word: FUN!


Research That Will Change the Way You Teach ~ Kristin Eckenwiler
What makes some teachers so much more effective than others? How much of it is personality and how much of it is skills anyone can learn? Kristen and her husband designed this workshop to share some of the most compelling research on effective teaching. This information is practical and compelling! Come expecting to change the way you teach.


Teaching Art at Home ~ Barry Stebbing
This has been a very popular workshop over the years. Mr. Stebbing, creator of How Great Thou Art Publications, enthusiastically encourages and directs parents in teaching art. In this workshop he offers a wealth of insight, discussing such topics as student frustration, teaching various age levels and abilities, evaluating student art work, specific learning objectives, “fundamentals,” how to teach beginning painting, what to look for in an art program, and much more. Enjoy a slide presentation with visuals clarifying the “how tos,” along with students examples. There will also be a 10-minute drawing lesson emphasizing, step-by-step, the building blocks, or basic fundamentals, of drawing.


When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool ~ Vicki Bentley
You had a wonderful plan at the beginning of the school year for a well-rounded education, envisioning academic excellence and character development in your smiling, well-adjusted offspring. But then . . . life happened. How do you find “normal” again? In this workshop, Vicki helps you focus on the essentials so you can encourage and support your family when you’re on the front lines. Learn how to get back on track and keep moving forward, especially in a crisis situation.



The Homeschool Law: Is Homeschooling Secure?~ Yvonne Bunn

Although it’s been legal to homeschool in Virginia since 1983, the homeschool law has changed from year to year. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the present law and of your rights as a parent. In this workshop, HEAV’s director of government affairs and homeschool support, Yvonne Bunn, will discuss current trends in education at the state and federal level and answer your questions about testing, sports, part-time enrollment, religious exemption, and other topics you would like to discuss. Bring your questions.


Giving Your Students the Winning Edge! Earn College Credit Now! ~ Liberty University

Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist ~ The Medical Transcription Service

Middle School English: How to Cover It All and Still Have Time to Breathe!  ~ Analytical Grammar

Teaching Math with the Math U See Approach ~ Math U See

Technology to Shape Your Child’s Heart ~ Logos Bible Software

Hands-On Website Design for Kids ~ Homeschool Programming

Speech and Debate Demonstration ~ NCFCA


Session 6 (3 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

Teach Your Child to Answer Skeptics! ~ Carl Kerby
Dr. Richard Dawkins is one of the leading skeptics in the world today and he has impacted millions of people around the world. In this talk, Carl will share clips of an “ambush” by Dr. Dawkins on Wendy Wright and show you how to answer the questions that are raised. Biblical answers will be given to the real-world questions that Dr. Dawkins uses to cause many Christians to become silent in the culture—or to start doubting their beliefs altogether.


The Power of Mercy in Parenting ~ Tracy Klicka
Every parent has days when they feel like they’re failing or are tempted to discouragement. The presence of brokenness and conflict in parent/child relationships points to the reality that families need help! Thankfully, God’s mercy serves as a tremendous example and springboard from which parents and children can grow in communicating with grace. This workshop from a veteran homeschooling mom of seven now-mostly-adult children is sure to encourage!


Revolutionary Latin ~ Chris Perrin
Latin has been increasingly recognized as a vital part of a well-educated person. Still, many are puzzled by this and want to know why studying Latin is worth the effort. Why not just study word roots and leave it at that? Beyond the traditional reasons given for studying Latin—better SAT scores, increased vocabulary, preparation for professional study, preparation of the Romance languages—this seminar explores the profound ways Latin can enrich one’s humanity and revolutionize virtually all learning. This seminar will feature a hands-on demonstration of the power of Latin through examining the morning newspaper and other exercises.


Raising a Worldview Detective: Three Steps to Thinking Critically ~ Adam Andrews
How do you teach your students to apply a “Christian worldview” to the books they read, the movies they watch, and the culture they live in? The answer to this important question may surprise you; well-meaning Christians often misunderstand the basic principles of worldview analysis. This misunderstanding often prevents Christian students from thinking clearly about contemporary culture. In this engaging discussion of a literary classic, Adam helps you avoid a serious teaching mistake and presents three steps for understanding a storyteller on his own terms. This presentation will empower you to uncover, identify, and evaluate an artist’s worldview for yourself—and to teach your students to do the same.

Teaching Students with Language-Based Communication Weaknesses ~ Judi Munday

In this workshop, parent-teachers will learn to recognize specific common characteristics of language-based learning disabilities and learn how relate them to the learner’s problems. Judi will relate how language-related deficits affect both school and home life for the student and the family. She will teach parents how to help students overcome their limitations by using proven teaching tools that work! Participants will learn how to present instruction, and to appropriately assess learning in ways that support the learner–without excessive advance lesson planning or preparation time! This is a very “nuts-and-bolts” workshop, loaded with practical tips and information parents can incorporate into daily teaching.


Building a Legacy: Pursuing the Homeschool Path and Staying the Course ~ Sarita Holzmann
Sarita reminds you of the long-term goals of homeschooling and helps you recall the heart-pounding convictions that led you to homeschool in the first place. Can those values and goals help you continue when things get tough? Are you communicating them to your children? Get a breath of fresh air and encouragement that homeschooling is not only a viable option, but a fabulous and worthwhile investment. Get tips on staying the course and avoiding student and teacher burnout.


Getting Kids to Help at Home ~ Vicki Bentley
You know you need to let the children be more involved in helping at home, both for training them in character and practical skills and for retaining your sanity! But where do you begin? This foster mom to almost 50 children will share tips and practical helps that have enabled her to homeschool 17 children and still be able to open the front door and welcome guests.


Scheduling Is the Key to Sanity ~ Lee Binz
This webinar will primarily talk about middle school and high school issues, but you will learn skills to help manage your younger children and their schedules, too. Lee will show you how to create a daily schedule, allotting workable times for each child to complete tasks and reasonable goals to work toward. You will also learn to create assignment sheets to help keep your kids motivated and on course throughout a busy day.


City Sustainability ~ Joel Salatin
How can urban folks build ecological integrity into their lives? Creation stewardship is not just for rural people; it’s for everyone. And lots of us live in cities. In this workshop, Salatin explores ways to connect, re-direct, and embrace a creation stewardship ethic in an urban setting. We can all participate, integrate, liberate, and collaborate to heal the landscape. Attendees will leave with a new understanding and an action list from this hard-hitting but good-humored presentation.


Inexpensive Inspiration ~ Melinda Boring
Would you like to have fun learning games and activities for your children, but think your budget is too tight? Then this workshop is for you! Melinda will share how to make simple, inexpensive educational materials to supplement your curriculum. Learn how to upcycle, recycle, and use common materials in new, creative ways without busting your budget or spending hours of time preparing supplies. This will get your creative ideas flowing and you will leave prepared to make simple games and materials to use in your own homeschool.


Purity and Accountability for Fathers and Sons ~ Phil Downer
(fathers and sons 13 and older only)
This men-only talk is given by Phil and his 26-year-old son, Paul. It is a direct, no-holds-barred discussion of the need for godly character and sexual purity, based on biblical principles and with practical applications.


Video Resumes That Wow Scholarship Committees, Employers, Customers, and More! ~ Evonne Mandella
Want to WOW a potential employer, customer, college, or scholarship committee? In this competitive market, homeschooling families need to get creative! Thankfully, there are free and easy-to-use tools to help you on your way. You will discover some simple steps to creating a video resume that highlights the student’s academic awards, service achievements, marketable skills, and more. Learn how to make a promotional video designed to impress—and stand out from the crowd with tech-savvy skills. This is a great workshop for homeschooling entrepreneur families!


Soaring, Not Struggling: Teaching Reading and Spelling ~ Denise Eide
Reading and spelling are complex skills that involve the mind, muscle memory, learning styles, and the heart. This workshop will lay the foundations for teaching reading and spelling, aid teachers in selecting curriculum, and help teachers heal and guard their students’ hearts from discouragement. Practical information will be interwoven with stories from Denise Eide’s own experiences. She will also share authentic research that demonstrates the power of systematic, multi-sensory teaching for all students.


Asking the Pediatrician and Advocating for Your Child ~ Dr. Lainna Callentine
Do you have questions about your child’s health and development? One of the lines of defense in your child’s health is the pediatrician. She knows how your child’s development compares to the norm, she is the primary care provider designated by health insurance plans, and she serves as a gatekeeper to advanced care, making referrals to therapeutic specialists as needed. Advocating for your child through the healthcare system can be a daunting task. Understand why the physician-patient relationship can be a bit tenuous when homeschoolers are involved. Learn how to navigate these waters and effectively advocate for your children.


History: Where We’ve Been; Where We’re Going; Why It Matters ~ Bellhaven University

Cat-and-Dog Theology ~ Cat-and-Dog Theology:  UnveilinGLORY

Tracey Tutor ~ Reading and Spelling

Raising Accountable Kids One Step at a Time ~ Accountable Kids

Your Parental Rights: Overruled ~ Parental

America’s First Principles: How to Teach the Founding ~ Heritage Foundation

How to Teach Art ~ How Great Thou ART

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