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by Yvonne Bunn

Physical Ed Requirements

Posted on Mar 8 2012 by Yvonne Bunn

Q. What are the physical education requirements for homeschoolers, and how do homeschoolers meet them? A. Although the Virginia law (§22.1-200) requires that specific subjects are taught in public schools–including physical education at the elementary level–these subjects are NOT required to be taught by homeschoolers. The Virginia homeschool law makes no reference to required subjects. […]

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by Yvonne Bunn

Using PSAT Scores Instead of Standardized Achievement Test Scores

Posted on Apr 13 2011 by Yvonne Bunn

Q. Can I submit my high school student’s PSAT score instead of a standardized achievement test score? A. Although I am aware of a few superintendents who have accepted PSAT or SAT scores during the high school years, these tests are not considered standardized achievement tests as described in §22.1-254.1 (C). Standardized achievement tests such […]

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