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by Yvonne Bunn

K12 Virtual School

Posted on Sep 22 2014 by Yvonne Bunn

Q. Can K12 be used as a homeschooling curriculum? A. K12 curriculum can be used in one of two ways: 1) as the curriculum for a virtual public school at home; or 2) as the curriculum for a homeschooled student whose parent has complied with the homeschool statute (filed a Notice of Intent.) If a […]

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by Yvonne Bunn

Motivating Teens

Posted on Feb 9 2014 by Yvonne Bunn

Q. How can I keep my homeschool teen motivated? A. Teens–both boys and girls—are motivated by the things they are interested in doing. Think about what your teen likes to do in his spare time. What he’s interested in doing is usually what he’s good at doing. Try to incorporate a study of his interests […]

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by admin

I Feel Overwhelmed! Where Do I Begin?

Posted on Jul 17 2012 by admin

by Vicki Bentley Good planning is the key to any successful road trip. This checklist will give you a basic overview as you prepare for your homeschool journey!   Research Homeschooling Read all you can about home education. [See list of suggested resources.] Consider subscribing to homeschooling publications. Attend a state convention (or obtain tapes […]

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